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Patch Kit For Puncture Repairs


Welcome to our full range of quality bike parts and components here at Westbrook Cycles. Whether you're looking to carry out a simple upgrade, or completely kit-out your favourite cycle; we offer all of the parts and specialised bike components you'll need to see the job through.

Bikes are as simple or as complicated as you want to make them, for the casual rider, there might only be a handful of bike components which are given much thought at all; whereas the serious roadie will look to optimise each intricate mechanism and part to get the absolute maximum potential out of the bike. Switching out the bigger components, such as the wheels, frames and saddle will likely have the most appreciable impact on the look, feel and performance of the bike. If you’re looking for an immediate difference maker, and don’t want to invest in a new bike, we’d recommend upgrading stock parts with quality bike components.

We’ve got one of the widest ranges of bike parts and components available anywhere online, and if you’re looking for replacement bike parts, Westbrook Cycles has it all - from drivetrain, groupset and mech parts to handlebars, specialised pedals, seatposts and lightweight forks.

Upgrading your bike is one of the most enjoyable aspects of cycling, and with thousands of video tutorials online and a massive selection of bespoke components from the biggest brands in the industry, there’s no reason not to give it a try. We’ve got the latest bike components from Hope Technology, Cannondale and more. Of course if a task does get a little out of hand and you’re scratching your head trying to piece your cassette back together, head on down to see a professional & have your new bike components fitted professionally.