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Reverb Stealth C1 Dropper Seatpost (1x Remote)

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Reverb Replacement Hose Barb (Remote)

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Reverb Replacement Hose Barb (Post)

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Modern bike seatposts are built from various materials, with alloy and carbon being the two most common. A quality alloy seatposts will boast a  lightweight profile, whilst also benefiting from being durable and cost efficient. A high-end carbon post is a necessary components for serious cyclists looking to squeeze every last bit of performance out of their machine. Competitive cyclists needing to precisely adjust their seatpost height on the fly should browse our range of dropper posts.

At Westbrook Cycles, we understand that the Seatpost of a bike is far from the most exciting part - but, like with many bike components it plays a vital role behind the scenes. As well as providing an important role within the comfort of your bike - the seatpost is also another kay component which can be upgraded in order to save weight. 

Most seatposts follow the same design principles, with a hollow tube constructed from aluminium or carbon fibre - onto the top of which the seat sits. Variations available in standard format includes seatpost diameter, seatpost length, as well as the aforementioned materials, and finally the clamp type. 

One of the most important considerations when buying your next seatpost, is the diameter of the seat post - and how this diameter works with your bike frame. The diameter must fit the internal diameter of your frame - which is typically 27.2mm on a standard frame, or either 30.9mm or 31.6mm on an oversized frame. 

Another consideration to make, is the length of the seatpost that you require. Although this is largely determined by your height - the longer the seatpost, the greater the comfort. Seatposts also need to have a minimum amount of the seatpost inside of the frame, to avoid cracking and snapping. To make this easier to understand, many bike frames have a minimum seatpost market on the side of the frame. 

Returning back to materials - aluminium and carbon fibre at the two most popular seatpost materials. Carbon fibre is the preferred option where budget permits - as well as being lighter than any other material, carbon fibre is also the best material for soaking up bumps and vibrations from the road. Specialist seatposts include suspension seatposts, layback seatposts, dropper seatposts and aero seatposts - which are covered in different categories across our site. 

You can view our full range of seatposts here, and as always - if you have any questions at all about the collection - please do just get in touch and we will be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have.