Commuter Cycling Helmets

The high speeds and adrenaline of road bike racing, or the off road trials and tribulations of mountain biking - may make a helmet choice seem more important, but even on the daily commute - helmets are incredibly important pieces of kit - protecting your head in the event of a fall and accident, or an incident with another cyclist, or at worst - another vehicle. As well as protecting your head in the event of an accident, bike helmets on the commute also increase your visibility, and in turn your safety. These helmets can also be mounted with cameras and lights further enhancing safety.

The commuter helmet does not have to have the extreme designs of an aero helmet, or a full face mountain bike helmet - instead, these helmets need to look stylish, provide comfortable wearing and good levels of protection. Helmets on the market today look great whilst never sacrificing safety, so there’s plenty to choose from.

Although some customers choose to purchase a specific commuting helmet, many choose to use a helmet they can also use on weekend riding - most commonly these are road bike helmets, but half shell mountain bike helmets work equally well.

Across our website, you can find the full range of helmets that are most popular with our customers buying for their daily commute. Many of these helmets have MIPS protection. If you have any questions about this collection, please get in touch and we will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.