Commuter Bikes

At Westbrook Cycles, we stock and supply an excellent range of Commuter Bikes - that we supply online to our customers. These commuter bikes have been designed to perfectly look after the requirements of your daily commute, and bikes such as these are a common sight on the streets of many towns and cities.

Commuter Bikes are the perfect choice for the journey to work as well as leisurely riding. Although finely tuned and specialist mountain bikes and road bikes may seem more exciting - these bikes are typically flawed for the daily commute.

Road Bikes are designed for maximum speed and pace, not things that can be achieved on the city or town commute into work. The riding position is very aggressive on a road bike, which can make looking out for traffic and hazards hard work.

Mountain Bikes are slightly more commuter friendly in many ways, they have a more upright riding position - but their high end features such as front and rear suspension, as well as features such as dropper posts, and chunky tyres provide no benefits on the daily commute.

Another benefit of choosing a commuter bike over a road bike or a mountain bike is their lower price point, and if you damage, scratch or drop your commuter bike - you won’t be as upset as you would be if you had dropped your carbon fibre speed machine.

You can view the complete collection of commuter bikes across the website, and please do get in touch if you have any questions.