Commuter Bike Luggage

Commuting to work, university or college on a bike is a fantastic way to stay fit, earn the admiration of your fellow students/colleagues and unwind after a long stressful day. Commuting on a bike is the perfect way to avoid busy public transport, tubes and trains - but it’s not as simple as just jumping on your bike and cycling into work.

As well as keeping your body warm and protected from the elements on your cycle into work - you also need to carry belongings that you will need throughout the day. As well as all of the correct pockets you need for the usual sets of keys/wallets/purses you will also need to think about what you need to carry both for your commute, and also for your day job.

Laptops, tablets and notebooks all need to be carried securely - protected from the weather, and you should also carry some emergency cycling items should you need them, such as a bike pump/bike multi tool and even a spare inner tube.

Commuting saddle bags are excellent choices for those carrying a small amount of items, such as cycling accessories, keys etc - but you will need more storage if you are carrying work equipment, and especially more storage if you are carrying a change of clothes for work. Backpacks are good choices for all of the above, especially on short commutes. Backpacks on longer commutes can become uncomfortable, and can also hinder your backwards view whilst commuting in traffic.

If your bike has mounting points, then Panniers are an excellent choice. These pannier bags are clipped onto your bike, and whilst it’s usual to see two panniers on a bike - you can also ride with one pannier if you have less to carry. The pannier solution for commuters is the same approach to luggage as touring cyclists use - so you can be assured that you are using a tried and tested method of transporting luggage.

On this page, you can find the complete range of commuter luggage and luggage accessories - and if you have any questions about the best commuter luggage for your trips to and from work, please get in touch and we will be happy to help.