Clipless Pedals

Clipless Pedals are one of the most important developments in cycling technology. Heavily inspired by the world of skiing, clipless pedals connect the rider to the pedals in an incredibly efficient way - ensuring that the very best pedal and foot connection is made through clipping the cycling shoe into the pedal. As well as clipping the foot into the pedal for better cycling performance, clipless pedals still allow an almost instant release from the pedal, ensuring safety. 

At first, upgrading to clipless pedals (complete with the required shoes) may seem like an unnecessary upgrade, and for some cyclists it will be. If you potter around on your bike, rarely cycling over a few miles - it’s probably not worth the upgrade. If however, you cycle long distances and are out on your bike for many hours - then upgrading to clipless pedals is one of the best decisions you can make - allowing you to benefit from maximum power and comfort whilst out on the bike. 

Clipless Pedals are supplied with Cleats, which attach to the underside of your cycling shoe - and click into the pedal (complete with satisfying clicking noise) Once in place, your feet will not move out of the pedals unless you want them to. The action required to remove your feet from the pedals is usually a quick, natural twist. This natural twist is quick and easy enough for you to navigate obstacles on your ride, from a high kerb on the commute - to an off road obstacle when mountain biking. 

Once you have purchased your clipless pedals, practice clipping in and out of the pedals in a safe stationery environment. Once you have mastered this, take a short bike ride around to practice - before heading out on a longer ride. 

You can view our full range of clipless pedals by clicking the button below, and as always - please do just get in touch if you have any questions at all about the collection. Clipless pedals can be one of the more difficult products to choose and tailor to your exact requirements, so we are always happy to help.