Castelli Insider Jersey & Shorts Review

Whether by choice or by necessity - more and more people are jumping onto a turbo trainer to accelerate their training, when time is short or whether it’s the poor weather that is keeping cycling confined to indoors.

In response to the increase in indoor cycling, clothing manufacturers and designers have developed a range of indoor cycling clothing that combines lightweight materials, for an excellent indoor workout. Although the range of indoor cycling clothing available is not necessarily designed to see the great outdoors, the range can be worn on the warmest of days, or when cycling abroad in hotter climates.

Castelli has unsurprisingly cemented itself at the forefront of the indoor cycling clothing market, with it’s range of indoor clothing - including the Castelli Insider Jersey and the Castelli Insider Bibshorts. In this post, we look at these products in further detail - examining how they work in the real world, and whether they are good enough to beat the indoor cycling clothing cynics.

Castelli Insider Jersey Review

Not surprisingly, the insider jersey is the lightest jersey that Castelli have ever produced - although we say that this jersey can be worn outside, in hot weather conditions. This jersey has been built using a unique 3d mesh - that although does show some skin - keeps your modesty, when you could be topless. The lightness of this jersey means that there is no SPF rating - but there are rear pockets, which allow a phone, charger and essentials to be carried - either out on the bike, or whilst on the turbo trainer.

The sleeves of the jersey are quite short, covering around half of the bicep - and the jersey provides an intentionally tight fit across the chest and the shoulders. There is a silicone gripper at the rear of the jersey, which keeps the jersey in place - and this keeps what is a figure hugging jersey in place. In use, inside - the jersey keeps the chill off you from the wind of a fan, and helps wick sweat away from the body.

Castelli Insider Bib Shorts Review

Designed to be worn and paired with the Castelli Insider Bib Jersey - these bib shorts have been designed to keep you cool during warm and intense indoor workouts. They achieve this by providing massive levels of breathability, moisture wicking and comfort.

Using the Pro Dry Soft Fabric, these shorts use a lighter Kiss Air2 chamois - which excels at moisture management, whilst still providing ample comfort levels. These shorts can be worn outside, with many cyclists using them during periods of warm weather, especially when climbing. These shorts have been designed to flex and move with the body when cycling, and the bottom of these shorts contains silicone grippers, which keeps these shorts in place.