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Cannondale Trail Review & Features

At Westbrook Cycles, we are proud to stock and supply the most comprehensive range of Cannondale Bikes available, including the Cannondale Mountain Bike range. One of the biggest ranges of hardtail Cannondale Mountain Bikes is the aptly named Cannondale Trail Hardtail Mountain Bikes.

The Cannondale Trail model is the ideal way for many recreational riders to get into off road mountain biking. It’s a range which caters for those getting into mountain biking for the first time, as well as those riders who are already well seasoned trail riders. Cannondale is great in offering plenty of choice and budget options for riders, and the Trail range is no different - there are no less than 14 different trail models in the collection.

At the lower end of the range, sits Cannondale Trail Bikes which are well suited and are enjoyable to ride on gentle off road terrain, think mountain bike tracks, fire roads and canal towpaths, etc - great commuting options. As you move up through the range, the Trail range benefits from more technology, and better component levels allowing riders to explore almost any off-road terrain, including singletracks.

Cannondale Trail Frames

We really like the frame design of the Cannondale Trail. There are unisex and women's specific frames available, and thanks to the number of different models available - there are different specifications to suit all budgets and riding requirements. The trail 1,2,3 and 4 including the women's Trail 1 and 2, all have a higher specification alloy frame - using Cannondales C2 alloy, which has been designed and developed in house. Other models within the range, at lower price points have the impressive, but more budget friendly C3 alloy frame.

Geometry and design wise, these bikes all have a dirt tailored geometry which provides great handling whatever the conditions. On the rough stuff, this bike has been designed to be agile - there is a slack head tube for stability - and as a result the bike feels really planted, even on long and fast descents. Cannondale has a great reputation for alloy hardtail mountain bikes, and this model is no different.

Cannondale Trail Suspension

Most of the Cannondale Trail models use 100mm of suspension travel via front forks, which is the industry standard for most cross country mountain bikes - and 100mm of travel works well in this application, being the ideal amount of travel for most trail models. As you move up the range however, the amount of suspension travel available increases - with the Cannondale Trail 1, 2 & 3 alongside the women's Cannondale Trail 1 having a 120mm suspension fork. The extra 20mm of suspension travel, makes the Trail better suited to rougher off road terrain.

All of the forks within the range have been manufactured by Rockshox, so provide decent performance for this price point - but these coil sprung options are less adjustable and heavier than air forks - there are still some premium fork features across the range, such as suspension fork lockout.

Cannondale Trail Groupsets

As there are many different models which fall under the Cannondale Trail umbrella, you can expect different groupsets and component levels - but there are many similarities in the groupset technology, regardless of the Trail model you choose. All trail models have been specified with a great range of gears, which allows all models to tackle ascents, descents and off road terrain well. There is only one single front chainring on all trail models, with a choice of either 10 or 12 speed cassettes depending on which model you choose. This means that the groupsets are light, and remain easy to use.

All of the Cannondale Trail bikes have disc brakes as standard, with premium models of the Trail having hydraulic disc brakes. All bikes have wide handlebars and short stems for confidence inspiring handling, and at the top of the range the Trail 1 and Trail 2 have dropper seatposts.

Cannondale Trail Wheels

Cannondale has designed the Trail range to have different specific wheel sizes depending upon what size of bike you order. This means that each rider will benefit from the right sizes of bike for their requirements, allowing for a more confidence inspiring and more comfortable ride. Small and extra small bike sizes, get 27.5 wheel sizes - and larger frame sizes have 19 inch wheels. This sizing rule applies to both men's and women's bikes.

Cannondale have also looked at the real world riding conditions of these bikes and adjusted their tyre and wheel offering as such. On the bikes with 100mm of suspension travel, the bikes come with low profile mountain bikes tyres - and those bikes with 120mm of suspension travel are equipped with gnarlier tyres for more challenging off-road terrain.

Cannondale Trail Overview

The Cannondale Trail range caters for everybody, from seasoned riders to complete beginners. The frame and bike can be upgraded as riding levels progress, with the frame being high quality enough to provide a good riding platform for years to come.