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Cannondale Supersix Evo Hi-Mod Disc Red eTap AXS Review

One of the most exciting names for any road bike, comes in a range of exciting colours and metallic paint schemes - with metallic frames and retro tyres with tanwalls - makes this one of the most exciting road bikes on the market. It’s not all fancy paintwork and retro inspired styling through, the Supersix Evo Hi-Mod Disc Red eTap AXS is packed with the latest technology, it has the latest Red eTap AXS wireless electronic groupset from SRAM and the whole package has been designed to offer the highest level of geometry, components and design to make this road bike suitable for the highest level.

The bike is an evolution of previous SuperSix models - and like previous models, it’s incredibly light - it provides a responsive and agile ride feel - and handles incredibly well. It’s more aerodynamic than ever before, more comfortable to ride than ever before which all makes this bike faster than any previous SuperSix. Design and trickle down technology has come from Cannondale’s work with aero road bikes - and many aero principles have been carried over to this low drag, lightweight road bike which thrives on ascents. The bike is incredibly stiff, 30% stiffer than previous versions and has truncated airfoil tubes which provide almost no drag out on the roads.

Comfort is provided by the new SAVE rear seatstays, which aid vertical compliance - and there’s also the Cannondale 27 KNOT seatpost, which has an integrated binder which provides all important flex. Cannondale have also labelled this bike as having a fully integrated cockpit - meaning that the bars, stem and cabling are all produced by Cannondale as one unit. This not only looks incredibly clean and tidy - it also serves another purpose, to keep the bike as aerodynamic as possible. Innovative hollow bars and stems keep everything concealed, without making servicing too much of a nightmare.

This road bike is not surprisingly equipped with disc brakes, and Cannondale have also spec’d this bike up to be able to run wider tyres - the frame can handle 30mm tyres with ease, retaining plenty of clearance between the frame and the tyre, allowing cyclists to enjoy more comfort than many other road bikes can provide, which can only run smaller tyres. The wireless gearing system from SRAM runs on batteries which can handle sixty hours of riding, the gear shifters use simple buttons - which you guessed it, help this bike remain incredibly aerodynamic. The gear shifts are precise and consistent - allowing frequent gear changes, for efficient progress.

The brakes on the bike are incredibly powerful SRAM Centerline XR Hydraulic Disc Brakes - these brakes perform brilliantly, whatever the weather or road conditions - and they have 160mm rotors which have been optimised not to overheat under constant braking on long descents. These brakes stop the carbon wheels, which are stiff, lightweight and efficient. The bike runs 20 spokes on the front wheel and 24 on the rear wheel - the wheels used are 45mm Hollowgram 45 SL Knot wheels. Everything on this bike is well spec’d as you would expect, including the comfortable Prologo Dimension NACK NDR saddle, with carbon fibre rails.

This is a classically designed road bike, with a beautiful design - which is completely up to date with regards to geometry, weight and technology. It’s a carbon race bike which is classed as an all rounder and it feels as good as it does in the straights, as it does in the corners.