Buzzy's Premium Bicycle Lubricants @ Westbrook Cycles

Time to service your forks, shock or dropper seatpost? Then you'll need a low-friction grease which will stay where you put it. Originally formulated for use on motorbike suspension, Buzzy's Slick Honey has all the good stuff you're looking for:

- Contains Rust And Corrosion Inhibitors
- Waterproof & Washout Resistant
- Works In Temperatures from -65 to 250°F (-54 to 151°C)
- Safe for use on o-rings, elastomers and seals

Buzzy's Slick Honey is available in three containers to suit your application needs:

1oz syringe for when you only have a couple of jobs to do
2oz tube for a few jobs and when you want to keep some spare afterwards - also fits a threaded grease-gun
16oz tub for busy workshops and service enthusiasts

Slick Honey isn't only good for suspension; you can use slick honey on bearings and any other places you'd normally use grease on your bike.

Need to re-inflate your air chamber after the service? The Pollenator Shock Pump goes up to 300psi.