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Fork Stanchion Scratch Repair Kit

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At Westbrook Cycles, we get really excited when we are able to provide the right mix of products to our customers, to help them enjoy their mountain biking to the max, whilst helping their bike stay safe and reliable in the process. Sometimes, we even find the right products to help save our customers money.

The Sendhit Fork Stanchion Repair Kit ticks all of the above boxes. Mountain Bike Forks are one of the most important components on any mountain bike, forks are relatively complicated with an intricate design that have been designed to go through, and shrug off massive amounts of stress and impacts every day they are used - this is especially true on large travel downhill mountain bike forks, which can take a real beating.

Although Rear Suspension on Mountain Bikes takes some of the strain, as do the tyres - its the front fork still, which soaks up the majority of impacts. The stanchions on mountain bike forks are the smooth tubes which are connected to the top of your fork (aka the crown) These stanchions remain static, whilst the lower part of the fork moves up and down over them depending on the terrain. When these Stanchions take a knock, they can easily scratch - which can damage the full suspension system.

If a scratched Stanchion is left untreated, it can wear out sooner - by creating friction within the fork, everytime the fork moves when in contact with the ground. The seals on the inside of the fork can also wear down over time, and scrape against a scratched Stanchion, causing further premature wear. The end result can be, and often is - dirty and grime collecting in the lower part of your suspension fork, requiring expensive repairs and servicing.

Repairing surface knocks on scratches is what the Sendhit Repair Kit has been designed to do - and it’s been designed to be used as soon as possible after an impact or scratch. Handy Youtube videos and instructions explain how to use, and what can be treated - and the box has been designed to transport easily. Each kit box also provides up to five repairs.

This kit is fantastic, especially for riders who would usually use the likes of nail varnish or superglue to seal scratches and stripes on their Stanchion, the resin supplies provide a near perfect, permanent finish.

You can view our full Sendhit range above, and as always - if you have any questions about this product - just get in touch and we will be more than happy to help. We take this product wherever we head on our own mountain bikes now - so are familiar with it’s performance and application.