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Bottom Bracket Buying Guide

The bottom bracket of a bike is hidden away inside the frame of the bike, and it has an important purpose. It has been designed to connect the chainset to the frame itself - allowing the cranks to run smoothly. If you are deciding to replace the bottom bracket of your bike, there are a number of steps you need to follow - to ensure that you are buying the right bottom bracket for your bike. At Westbrook Cycles, we stock and supply a massive range of bottom brackets for all kinds of bikes, and you can use our part finders to find the right bottom bracket for your bike.

Bottom Bracket Types

The two main types of bottom brackets vary on how they are installed on your bike, some are screwed into place - whilst others push into place. Threaded bottom brackets are available in different specifications - with older bottom brackets using bearings within a fixed axle that the crank arms are then tightened onto.

Newer bottom brackets have a three piece design which has bearings that sit out of the bottom bracket shell. This positioning means that the bearings can be bigger, and therefore last longer.

If you require help identifying the correct bottom bracket for your bike, please get in touch and our trained staff will be able to help you out.