Bosch Electric Mountain Bike Guide

At Westbrook Cycles, we stock and supply an excellent selection of Electric Mountain Bikes online. These bikes have been handpicked from the world’s leading manufacturers of mountain bikes - and many use Bosch E-Bike Motors and Batteries to provide power.

Although E-Bikes may seem like a relatively new addition to the mainstream market, Bosch have been making electric bike parts and motors for over a decade and in that time, have earnt an excellent reputation in manufacturing powerful and efficient motors and power systems.

The Bosch Electric Bike Motor is usually located at the crank, where your feet are when pedalling. The low centre of gravity of the motor aids handling and performance off road - and the motor is used to provide assistance to each pedal stroke. The result is an electric bike which feels like a normal mountain bike, there are no sudden spikes in power.

The legal limit for power assistance on bikes in the UK is 15.5 mph and there are an array of different power modes you can use on a Bosch E-Bike when cycling, varying from Turbo and Sport to Tour and Eco.

Bosch E-Bike Motors

There are a number of different motor options available depending upon the type and specification of the bike that you purchase. At the top of the motor range is the Performance Line CX which provides a massive amount of assistance, and is perfect for use on mountain bikes tackling off road terrain.

Bosch Batteries

The most common type of Bosch Battery we supply on our electric mountain bikes is usually integrated into the frame of the mountain bike and these integrated batteries can fall under the name of the Bosch Powertube. Different versions are available, from 400Wh running up to 625Wh.

Bosch Displays

Bosch E-Mountain Bikes also have a display which tells the rider important information such as battery life, speed, ride mode, range and distance.

Bosch E Mountain Bikes

You can view our complete range of electric mountain bikes, which use Bosch powertrains and battery packs here, and if you have any question in choosing the right e-bike for you, please get in touch and we will be happy to help.