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Guru Bike Fit System - Westbrook Cycles, Stokesley

The GURU is the most advanced bike fit system in the world and we are now offering it as a service at Westbrook Cycles.

WHY IS GURU SO GOOD? Unlike other fit systems, the GURU makes adjustments in real-time so you can instantly feel the differences even small changes can make. This is important because it is very difficult to compare a 5mm difference in saddle height, for example, if you have to get off the bike to alter the position. All of the GURU's measurements can be altered in real-time so you can change and experiment with saddle height & lay-back, handlebar height, and stem length whilst getting immediate and accurate feedback. 

Motion capture cameras allow our qualified bike fitters to advise changes that could be made to your riding position or bike to improve performance, comfort or even help prevent injury to joints.

WHO DOES IT BENEFIT? Anyone can benefit from a bike fit at Westbrook Cycles. If you are a racer looking to improve performance, the GURU system can help to perfect that race position whilst giving real-time power and cadence readings. If you are a first time cyclist, the GURU can allow you to try a number of different bikes before you commit to buying one by using the innovative virtual garage. 

The GURU can even help mountain bikers find the perfect setup by mimicking climbs and descents.


How Much Does it Cost? The cost depends on the type of service you would like.

If you are just looking to purchase a stock bike and are wanting to know which model and size you would be best suited to, you require our Bike Finder service.

If you are wanting to have a full bike fit done and then have the relevant changes made to your current bike, you require our Retro Fit service.

If you are looking for a more complete start-to-finish service, our Optimisation Fit will help you choose which bike would be perfectly suited to you and recommend any changes that would need to be made to a stock model to get the optimum performance and comfort from the bike.

 Bike Finder - £50*
 Retro Fit - £100
 Optimisation Fit - £150

*This cost will be refunded if you purchase a bike from Westbrook Cycles within two months of having your bike fit.

For more information on the GURU system, or for testimonials from customers that have been fitted by us, click on the category links.

To book a bike fit, or if you have any questions regarding the service please call 01642 710232.