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Cycling is one of the most popular activities in the world, and the possibilities are endless. Whether you’re: looking for a healthier, cheaper and greener way of commuting to work with your new cycle; ready to push your limits in competitive events with a performance bike; wanting see the world from the saddle of a trusty touring bike; or whether you’re just wanting to experience the thrill of cycling - Westbrook Cycles are a leading UK supplier of one of the largest, most diverse ranges of bikes for all types of cyclists, including specialised bikes built for ladies and kids.

Modern bikes have come a long, long way since the days of the bone-shakers and the penny-farthing. As the needs of cyclists continued to diversify, designs and innovations similarly advanced to match this demand. For cyclists with an unquenchable need for speed, performance road bikes are just the ticket, combining efficiency with a lightweight build and aerodynamic components letting you burn up the tarmac. If a bike to handle the hustle and bustle of the contemporary city is more up your street, you should look to invest in a quality hybrid bike - bringing to you the desirable attributes from both a mountain bike and a road bike into one. For something more rugged, engineered to handle bumps in the road and tracks off the beaten path, a mountain bike features larger wheels and superior suspension options to guarantee a comfortable and safer ride. Speaking of mountain bikes, Westbrook Cycles are a leading UK supplier of superb full-suspension mountain bikes. We also have a collection of kids bikes ranging from 12" balance bikes to 20" cycles for bigger kids.

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When it comes to our superb range of bikes, we’re committed to making available the cream of the crop from the most trusted and acclaimed brands in the cycling world. You can navigate through our full range of bikes at your leisure, for some great starting points, why not head on over and browse our entire range of official Cannondale Bikes, Scott Bikes and Giant Bikes.

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We’re an experienced retailer of all things cycling, and our expertise exists across the many varied disciplines of cycling, and all designs of bikes. We’re more than just retailers of the very best bikes, however, and our team are all Cytech certified, with a strong background in bike repair and bike maintenance. In addition to this, we strongly believe in providing you with the right bike at the right price, and our friendly team will do everything both online and in-store to give you the premier shopping experience.