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Speedster 30 Road Bike (2022)

Finance From £16.65/mo
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Liv Avail Advanced 2 Ladies Road Bike (2022)

Finance From £31.93/mo
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Liv Avail 2 Ladies Road Bike (2022)

Was  £749.00   | Save  £79.00   (11%)
Finance From £10.73/mo
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Contend 1 Road Bike (2022)

Was  £949.00   | Save  £129.00   (14%)
Finance From £13.13/mo
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Contend AR 4 Road Bike (2022)

Was  £999.00   | Save  £100.00   (10%)
Finance From £14.39/mo
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Contend SL 1 Road Bike (2022)

Finance From £17.35/mo
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Synapse Carbon 105 Road Bike - Mantis (2021)

Was  £2495.00   | Save  £395.00   (16%)
Finance From £33.62/mo
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Liv Avail 1 Ladies Road Bike (2021)

Was  £949.00   | Save  £139.00   (15%)
Finance From £12.97/mo
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Road Bikes, as the name suggests are bikes which have been designed to cover distances on tarmac roads. These bikes are popular with cycling enthusiasts who cover long distances, at high speeds. A number of design features of road bikes are both instantly recognisable and allow road bike cyclists to cover long distances, with relative ease. 

All road bikes have skinny tyres, which have been designed to give maximum possible grip on the surface of the road - without creating unnecessary friction and drag, which would slow the bike down. Road Bikes often also have drop handlebars, which allows the rider to adopt a more aerodynamic riding position, as well as greater comfort for covering long distances. Road Bikes also have a notable lack of suspension, for efficiency reasons, as well as the fact that the bikes are not designed to be used off the beaten track. 

Although road bikes stick to the same design principles, and unlike mountain bikes and full suspension bikes - there are less options available, road bikes can still be weighted towards two different areas - they are racing and endurance. 

Bikes designed for maximum speed, will typically have a stiffer frame, ensuring that every pedal equals maximum ground covered. A race bias road bike may also have a shorter wheelbase for tighter turns, as well as the thinnest possible tyres and a lower frontend to reduce any drag. 

An endurance road bike meanwhile, will have more flex - helping the rider soak up bumps and uneven areas of road. The rider will also typically sit in a more upright position, and the bike will be geared and setup for comfort, as well as speed. A longer wheelbase will typically provide a more stable riding platform, and there may even be a few luxuries such as mudguards and racks - allowing for easy cleaning and storage. 

The next range of variables within our collection of road bikes, covers the materials used - including both frame materials and the types of components used across the bike. There are four main frame materials which are used across road bikes, steel, alloy, carbon and titanium. Steel frames are at the lower end of the budget range, and provide a durable yet heavier frame choice. The next ‘upgrade’ is an alloy or aluminium frame, which is lighter than steel but equally durable. 

Further up the budget range, are carbon framed road bikes - which provide a massive amount of flexibility and choice over bike setup, leading carbon to be one of the most desirable choices for road bike frames. Alongside Carbon is titanium, which is an incredibly strong and lightweight metal - which is a very popular choice for those wanting to invest in the perfect road bike. 

Again returning to budget, higher end bikes within the collection of road bikes can feature many upgraded parts, from disc brakes and carbon fibre forks - right across to gearing and levers. 

It’s our mission here at Westbrook Cycles to have available the cream of the crop when it comes to road cycles, and we strive to have the latest road bike models from the world’s most acclaimed brands in our line-up. As a leading UK supplier of both men’s and ladies’ road bikes, we’re proud to showcase road bikes from the likes of Cannondale, Scott, Giant, Colnago and Charge. Cannondale road bikes and Giant road bikes are ubiquitous on UK roads and cycleways, and for good reason, these bikes are renowned for their performance, superb construction and tremendous value for money. Scott road bikes come highly recommended from all major cycling publications, and the team behind their innovative designs recently partnered with Red Bull to provide specialised road bikes as part of Red Bull’s F1 training programmes.