Bib Tights Buying Guide

Bib Tights are the perfect item of clothing to wear when cycling during colder months. These bib tights are suitable for all kinds of cycling, including cross country mountain biking. Most often, these bib tights are worn by road cyclists and commuters. These bib tights differ compared to standard cycling tights, which do not wear above the waist. 

These bib tights all have shoulder straps which keep the tights in place, providing a more comfortable and more secure fit. There is no waistband to dig in whilst cycling, and these bib tights have been designed to provide maximum comfort on the bike. 

Bib Tights for Spring, Summer & Autumn

Bib Tights are suitable for year round use, although you would not want to use winter bib tights during the warmer months. Bib tights designed for spring, summer and autumn use will be made from thin materials - providing plenty of cover and warmth, but also plenty of breathability. There are also three quarter bib tights available, for those looking for the comfort of a bib setup, without full leg coverage.

As well as being light enough to wear during the warmer months, these bib tights can be splashproof and shower proof - for good levels of protection.

Bib Shorts For Summer Use

For those cycling during the warm months, or those cycling abroad on holiday - there is no real alternative to wearing bib tights, these tights offer the very best of all worlds - they are cool enough to wear, whilst still providing plenty of comfort and protection.

Winter Bib Tights

Cycling during the winter months is hard, the roads can be full of rubbish - and the cold can sap your energy when cycling. Thicker winter bib tights are available for cyclists looking for extra warmth - designed and built with thicker fabric, they work by trapping warmer air between your legs and your tights. These tights are also often designed to sit higher up the body, providing extra warmth for your back and core. 

Women's Bib Tights

Although some cycling accessories are universal fitting, there are women's bib tights which are recommended. These bib tights have been designed to fit women’s bodies specifically, and a full range of women's sizes are available. 

Bib Tights Features

  • Bib Straps - comfortable shoulder straps which keep bib tights in place. 
  • Bib Tights Fit - Different panels and materials, providing an optimised fit around knees and legs
  • Internal Pad - Bib Tights typically feature an internal pad for protection and comfort from the saddle. 
  • Reflective Bib Tights - Many Bib Tights have reflective and high visibility patterns to provide extra protection on the road