Best Under £750 Mountain Bikes

£750 is a great budget point for getting a high quality, incredibly usable mountain bike. At this price point, you can expect to buy a high quality hardtail mountain bike, with a good standard of components and suspension. Sticking to hardtail mountain bikes is sensible at this price point, as it’s almost impossible to design and manufacture a more complex full suspension mountain bike at this price point.

Hardtail bikes around the £750 price point and below provide nimble and quick off road performance, with around 100mm of suspension travel to take the sting out of obstacles and rough trails. At this price point, you can expect a high quality and lightweight aluminium frame - with different bike manufacturers using different alloy mixes - but with similar performance characteristics. At this price point, you can also expect to see high performance hydraulic disc brakes in use, providing great stopping power over a range of terrain and weather conditions.

Below, we list some of our favourite mountain bikes at this price point - from world leaders such as Scott, GT and Cannondale.

Scott 940 Hardtail MTB

This lightweight, efficient mountain bike is designed to be ridden hard across a range of terrain - it’s designed with value in mind, but has high quality components from Syncros and Suntour suspension forks, which provide 100mm of travel. It’s available to purchase at just £729.

GT Avalanche Comp Hardtail MTB

The Avalanche has been completely redesigned this year, with a new alloy frame, and leading geometry. 100m Suntour forks provide the suspension, and these forks have a hydraulic lockout for rapid cross country performance. This bike retails at £695.

Cannondale Trail 5 Hardtail MTB

This hardtail mountain bike has a beautifully designed frame, with an aggressive stance and components which have been designed to be tough. Suntour 100mm forks are used with components and parts which have been designed and manufactured in house at Cannondale.