Best Under £600 Mountain Bikes

Mountain Bikes can easily cost 10 x £600 for an all singing and all dancing full suspension mountain bike, from one of the world’s leading bike brands such as Scott and Cannondale. A budget of £600 does allow you access to some of the world’s best bike brands though, but limited to choosing a hardtail mountain bike.

Mountain bikes under £600 from these bike brands have good quality components, alloy frames which provide a good balance between strength and lightweight performance - as well as front suspension forks which provide 100mm of travel, which is ideal for cross country performance.

These mountain bikes have ‘trickle down’ technology and design features from the top performing mountain bikes in the range, and have hydraulic disc brakes and gearing designed to tackle all off-road terrain.

Below, we run through some of our favourite bikes under the £600 price point.

GT Aggressor Sport

Off road geometry, 75mm of travel in the suspension fork and a lightweight alloy frame makes the aggressor suitable for all kinds of uses. Disc Brakes provide excellent stopping power, and WTB tyres do a good job of everything from the daily commute, to off road use. This bike is available at just £420.

Cannondale Trail 7 Hardtail Mountain Bike

The Cannondale Trail 7 Hardtail Mountain Bike features a pioneering hardtail geometry - perfect for beginners and those biking off road and recreationally, suiting everything from the daily commute, across to light off road use. This bike is available at just £545.

Scott Aspect 970 Hardtail MTB

The Scott Aspect 970 provides a great designed mountain bike, which suits off road use - as well as other use, such as a general recreational bike or a commuter bike. Featuring high end components and parts, such as disc brakes and Syncros gearing and components - this is the perfect bike for those looking for excellent value for money. This bike is available for just £549.

Scott Aspect 760 Hardtail Mountain Bike

The Aspect 760 is a mountain bike that is designed to perform off-road, it has disc brakes for all weather and all terrain stopping power and is the perfect choice for those shopping for a mountain bike on a budget. Suspension forks on this model provide 100mm of suspension travel, and are manufactured by Suntour. This bike retails at £599.