Best Triathlon Helmets 2019

Aero Helmets, when worn for a triathlon or similar race undoubtedly receive a few glances - thanks to their distinctive, aerodynamic shape. Aero Helmets are a popular choice however, for a number of reasons - as well as keeping your head safe from the risk of falls and injury during a triathlon, aero helmets help reduce drag, allowing you to cycle and travel faster, securing a better time.

Aero Helmets really came into the mainstream during the 1980’s, when aero helmets were simply designed to provide a more aerodynamic profile than a head without a helmet. Protection was not important during this time, and this continued until 2003 - when legislation changed, meaning that any helmet worn had to provide head protection.

This gave cycling helmet manufacturers a new challenge, as well as being more aerodynamic - helmets now also had to accommodate bulky materials to protect the head in case of a fall. Today, Aero helmets provide both aerodynamic benefits as well as protecting the head from falls. 

These helmets are the product of years and years of testing, with endless experiments in wind tunnels - reducing drag and enabling riders to get ahead of their competition, with a sleeker, more aerodynamic riding profile.

Below, we run through some of our best selling - and favourite Triathlon helmets for sale across our site.

Kask Mistral Time Trial Helmet

The Kask Mistral Time Trial Helmet has some serious racing pedigree, having being developed in conjunction with the Australian Track Cycling Team. One of the most comfortable, yet seriously aerodynamic helmets on the market, it contains a number of front and rear openings to keep the head cool, whilst not sacrificing the helmets smooth silhouette. This helmet is also available with an insulating, winter cover. It’s also available in a range of colour options.

Kask Infinity Road Helmet

The infinity helmet is another helmet from the stables of Kask, and the Infinity model provides the perfect balance between aerodynamics, and the cooling benefits of a fully vented helmet. It was developed in conjunction with the sky racing team, so too has an excellent pedigree.

Kask Bambino Pro Helmet

The Bambino is a compact triathlon helmet, which benefits from cutting edge design and magnetic visor attachment. As well as being designed with the very latest methods and technology, this helmet also featured 3D Dry Padding for ultimate comfort.

You can view our full range of Triathlon Helmets here, and as always - if you have any questions, please do get in touch.