Best Reflective Cycling Clothing

At Westbrook Cycles, we are proud to stock and supply an excellent range of Reflective Clothing suitable for all kinds of cycling & mountain biking. This range of reflective clothing holds an important part of our wider range of cycling clothing and accessories, which we supply to our customers both online, and from our cycle shop in North Yorkshire.

One of the most important reasons that reflective cycling clothing should be worn - is of course, visibility. Reflective clothing is a great way to protect yourself from the drivers and vehicles, when out riding. Regardless of whether you are commuting to work day to day, or cycling along a few roads after coming down from a mountain bike trip - you are four times more likely to be hit by a vehicle during the darker hours, compared to daylight hours. Although this statistic can make cyclists think they are relatively safe during daylight hours - reflective clothing works well during both daylight and dark hours.

The most effective way that reflective clothing protects cyclists, is the effect that the lights of a vehicle has on it. As soon as a car headlight shines on the jacket, the jacket lights up and becomes incredibly bright. Reflective clothing grabs the attention of the driver, so they cannot, not see you. A Canadian study showed that wearing reflective clothing when cycling reduces the chances of a collision with a vehicle by a massive 38%.

Don’t think that we are telling our customers to head out for their ride looking like they are ready for a morning's work as a lollipop man/woman - but instead to choose technical cycling clothing, which features reflective materials to add a degree of protection.

Below, we run through some of the types of reflective cycling clothing and accessories, available to purchase online from us.

Reflective Cycling Helmets

Most helmets available on the market, covering both road and mountain bike use - feature reflective strips to aid visibility. One of the best looking helmets on the market today, is the Scott Fuga Rev Helmet which features excellent ventilation, a patented brain protection system, as well as a removable visor - allowing the helmet to be used both for road cycling, as well as mountain biking. This helmet also features a reflective strip for visibility.

Reflective Cycling Shoes

Cycling shoes are amongst one of the most important pieces of clothing that you can wear when cycling, providing safety and security as well as comfort from your feet. These cycling shoes from Scott, called the Crus-R Boa have a full reflective upper body, for unbeatable visibility.

Reflective Cycling Gloves

Gloves are some of the best items to feature reflective parts and elements when cycling, at eye level on handlebars - they provide the perfect way to stay safe, as well as stay warm, dry and comfortable. This pair from Sealskinz feature a great reflective upper.

Reflective Road Cycling Jacket

One of the very best road cycling jackets, is the Castelli Alpha RoS Jacket - perfect for all weathers, and featuring a stunning design. The jacket also has reflective strips on the shoulders, ensuring safety as well as high performance and comfort.

Reflective Cycling Tights

Cycling tights are amongst some of our best selling items of clothing, providing great performance and comfort. This ladies pair from Endura feature Luminite reflective strips - ensuring high visibility at all times.