Best MTB Goggles 2021

It comes with the territory that mountain biking, especially downhill mountain biking comes with risks - the risk of falling/crashing is part of what makes mountain biking so exciting, but it does make choosing and wearing the right kit, very important. One of the most important, and one of the most vulnerable parts of our body, is our eyes - which is why a pair of MTB Goggles make an important purchase, and a valuable contribution to MTB protective wear.

As well as protecting the eyes in the event of a crash against the ground or the environment, such as bushes and trees - goggles also do a great job of protecting your eyes from other harmful effects, such as damaging UV light. Whilst on the bike, goggles also prevent damage and discomfort from flying debris such as rocks, dust, insects and flies.

Types of MTB Goggles

As with anything in the world of mountain biking, there are a number of different goggles available. The choice of which MTB goggles to buy is often dictated by preferred brand and budget - but different goggles do provide different features and benefits.

All MTB goggles that we supply, provide a good level of eye and face protection - but it’s true that models higher up the range have been designed with greater strength and lens technology in mind. So if you are competing or spend a lot of time on a mountain bike, a decent pair is well worth the investment.

MTB Goggles Design & Features

The most important thing for MTB goggles to do, is to keep eyes protected. As part of PPE equipment, goggles need to meet EN 1938 in the European Union for impacts and shatter resistance . To meet these standards, goggles are constructed from tough frame materials as well as lenses which are both scratch resistant, allowing you a clear field of view - and shatterproof, in the event of an accident.

Goggles are also designed to provide clarity of vision on the trails, they do this through using clear lenses - that can be either clear, or with a variety of tints. Many of these lenses also provide UV protection, and many goggles have interchangeable lenses. As well as having lenses which provide protection, frames must also not obscure vision - ensuring that there is always a clear field of view.

Different lenses also serve different purposes, with darker lenses improving contrast and comfort, with yellow and amber lenses working better in low/medium light conditions. All are usually anti fog - which prevents them from clouding up on the trails. Many riders use MTB goggle tear-offs to keep visors and lenses clean. These tear offs keep goggles clean when racing, and a simple tear off of the laminate reveals another clear laminate tear off underneath, for clearest possible vision when it’s needed the most.

MTB Goggles Tint

Most mountain bike goggles use interchangeable lenses to cater for different light conditions and tint requirements, but there are also light reactive mountain bike goggles on the market.

Lenses with light transmission up to 25%, are suitable for low light conditions - and lenses with tints over 90% should only be used in bright light conditions. Darker lenses are obvious when purchasing, and yellow and amber lenses are the right choices for those riding in low light conditions - yellow and rose coloured lenses help eliminate blue light, increasing shadows so you can see variations in the trail ahead, much easier. Mirrored coatings are also not only for style, but also reflect sunlight off the goggles, providing extra protection.

MTB Goggle Fit

For Mountain Bike Goggles to be effective, they need to fit securely and be positioned well. There should be little movement available, and they should fit comfortably. A range of different sizes are available, and all mountain bike goggles have adjustability - so can be tailored around your helmet and head. There are also children’s goggles and some women's specific goggles.

MTB Goggle Spares

As well as supplying an excellent range of MTB goggles, we also stock and supply a complete range of spares parts, including lenses, tear offs and cleaning solutions.