Best Mountain Biking Shorts

If you mention cycling clothing to anybody, it’s almost guaranteed that their first thought will fall to lycra and all kinds of revealing ensembles. There are of course, many different disciplines and types of cycling, and mountain biking benefits from some of the coolest cycling clothing available. 

Stylish and functional, mountain bike clothing needs to be both comfortable and also protective - allowing you stay protected and most importantly, enjoy every single ride. One of the most important, and most popular pieces of mountain biking clothing is mountain biking shorts. 

Mountain Biking shorts tend to follow some pretty well defined designs and styles, baggy cool looking shorts which provide excellent levels of movement and comfort. Aerodynamics are rarely a concern for mountain bikers, so the baggier the better for many riders. 

The advantage of wearing mountain biking shorts is instantly noticeable, as well as many shorts having plenty of padding and protection, MTB shorts often also have plenty of storage pockets so you can carry a wide range of equipment and personal belongings. 

You can view some of our personal favourite MTB shorts below, as well as some of our best sellers. 

Troy Lee Designs Resist Shorts

These are some of the very best mountain biking shorts on the market, packed with features which make them some of the most popular options for mountain bikers of all capabilities. They have been designed to handle everything you can throw at them, and shrug off all types of weather.

Dainese HG Shorts

These lightweight shorts are some of our most popular mountain biking shorts, and are worn by a few members of the Westbrook team. Stretchy and light, with plenty of pockets and storage - they are as functional as they are stylish. Padding inserts also provide great comfort on longer rides.

Scott Trail 30 Loose Fit Padded

The perfect shorts for every mountain bike ride, treated to avoid getting soaked through in poor weather conditions, these shorts feature adjustable waistband and belt loops - as well as zip up pockets for an easy, comfortable ride.