Best Mountain Bikes for under £1,000

There’s not a massive amount in the world you can get now for £1,000, but you can still get a fantastic quality mountain bike - capable of getting you well and truly off the beaten track for adventures and exercise. 

Bikes within this price range are typically for customers looking for their first, second or third bike - and our range of mountain bikes for under £1,000 are all hardtail mountain bikes. Whilst some bike retailers offer full suspension bikes under the £1,000 mark, we do not. The reason for this is simple, we cannot be confident in the build quality and long term performance of full suspension bikes under £1,000 and in our experience, those looking for a bike at this price point should always sacrifice rear suspension, in favour of a top quality hardtail mountain bike, which provides brilliant performance. 

This type of mountain bike have always been incredibly popular, and hardtail mountain bike offers a true do it all machine. These bikes are at home heading down trails, as much as they are on the daily commute. High quality components at this price point, also ensure that these bikes provide a reliable riding experience for years to come. 

Below, we run through a few of our favourite hardtail mountain bikes - which have all been tested and proven in the field. 

Scott Aspect 910 Hardtail

The Scott Aspect 910 is one of our favourite hardtail options, high quality components are twinned with a comfortable riding position and front forks with plenty of travel for evening out bumps in the road. It’s available for a sliver under £1,000 and at that price point, will provide years and years of faithful use.


Cannondale Trail 3 1x Hardtail

The Cannondale Trail 3 Bike also earns its place on our list of favourite hardtail mountain bikes, available for under £900 - this bike provides the complete package at a great price point. Excellent geometry, solid construction and high end components make this a real joy to ride. 

GT Avalanche Expert

The Avalanche is one of GT’s longest running and most successful models and at under £900 - this bike represents incredible value for money, as it always has done. Amongst these features are a full Aluminium frame, disc brakes as well as expertly designed geometry and design. It’s also available in a couple of colour schemes, with our favourite in the black featured here...