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Importance of Mountain Bike Cleaning & Best Cleaning Products

A lot of people invest good money in their mountain bikes, not only spending a lot of money when they first purchase their mountain bike - but also spending money on a range of upgraded components, and mountain biking accessories encompassing everything from mountain biking shorts, to colour coordinated pedals. Although mountain bikes can truly be our pride and joy, sometimes cleaning the bike after a long day out on the trails is the last thing that we want to do. 

There are so many reasons however, that you should wash your bike after every ride out - that we will soon have you racked with guilt, every time you choose to neglect what should be your post ride ritual. As well as looking at some of the reasons why you need to clean your bike in greater detail, we will also look at some of our favourite and best selling mountain bike cleaning products. 

Protect Parts & Components

The individual parts & components of a mountain bike are what keeps it going, the moving parts of a bike are also some of the most vulnerable to muck & grime which can attack them after a ride. Mud & Grime in working parts can cause rust, nasty noises and seized parts, all of which can be avoided with a post ride clean. 

Keeps You Light

As well as causing damage to components, mud and grim also adds unwanted to your bike, which can be felt when racing or head up aggressive climbs. 

A dirty bike looks rubbish!

One of the most straightforward and simple reasons to clean your bike, a dirty bike looks rubbish - whilst a clean bike shows off the components, frame and livery perfectly. 


Most cleaning schedules require a bit of elbow work at some point, and thankfully we stock and supply a wide range of brushes and cleaning products suitable for use across the full spectrum of mountain bike parts and components. Some of the most popular products within this collection are from Muc-Off - with the soft washing brush being a popular choice.


Degreasers are one of the most important products in keeping your mountain bike looking fantastic, and running well, keeping everything newer, for longer. There are a range of spray on degreaser available, with Fenwicks Drivetrain Degreaser remaining a popular choice. It’s the perfect product for cleaning and protecting drivetrains and components.

Cleaning Chemicals

Sometimes the toughest and most stubborn mud and grime, needs some of the most powerful cleaning chemicals to shift it. As well as specific cleaning products, there’s also specialist cleaning chemicals for different bike components. As a great all rounder, Muc Off Bike Cleaner Concentrate is a really popular option, and we have managed to secure pretty strong discounts across the full Muc Off range.


For those who truly deserve their mountain bike deserves the very best, we supply bike detailing products which do a fantastic job of returning your mountain bike to nearly new condition. Miracle Shine Polish is a popular choice, and gives fantastic results.

You can view our full range of mountain bike cleaning products, here.