Best Electric Mountain Bikes under £2,500

Electric Mountain Bikes have truly revolutionised mountain biking in recent years, and here at Westbrook Cycles - even our most traditionalist and purist mountain biking customers have recently succumbed to the draw of electric power when out mountain biking. 

Electric Mountain Bikes are essentially a mountain bike which has both an electric battery and a motor. The motor kicks in and propels the bike forward in line with pedaling, the motor only kicks in when you are pedaling, giving a natural feeling of assistance and progress. 

As well as allowing you to cycle further and for longer, electric mountain bikes are fantastic fun, which is what mountain biking is all about. 

Below, we run through some of our best electric mountain bikes available under £2,500. You will see that all of these bikes are hardtail - and there are no full suspension electric bikes available at this price point. The reason for this is simple, we will never sell and supply bikes which do meet our exact standards for performance and reliability, compromising quality at a lower price point in our experience, never ends well! 

Bergamont E-Revox Hardtail Electric Mountain Bike

Coming in just under £2,500 is the first bike we are going to look at, the Bergamont E-Revox 5. The first thing that strikes us about this bike is just how good it looks, and having looked at the specifications, we know that this bikes tech lives up to its appearance. 

Carefully designed geometry ensures excellent handling, and the fully integrated battery from Bosch provides fantastic performance. 

Giant Fathom E+ 2 Electric Hardtail Mountain Bike

In our opinion, the Giant Fathom E+2 is one of the best value offerings on the electric mountain bike market - sacrificing nothing in terms of quality and performance, whilst coming in at below £2,200. 

This bike easily takes on both trails and cross country trails, and the battery pack and motor works seamlessly with 120mm front suspension forks to deliver a smooth ride, with instant power availability. 

Scott Aspect eRide 40 Hardtail Electric Mountain Bike

The Aspect Electric Mountain Bike from Scott delivers style and performance in equal measure. High quality components are twinned with a stunning design, which delivers high performance and confident handling no matter what the terrain has in store. 120mm travel on the front forks ensures a comfortable ride across all terrain, whilst the battery pack and motor ensures a smooth delivery of power whilst out riding. 


You can view our full collection of electric mountain bikes here, and as ever - get in touch if you have any questions at all.