Best Electric Mountain Bikes

Electric Mountain Bikes are the most technologically advanced mass market mountain bikes for sale. The research and design, as well as the quality of components used within these bikes is reflected in the price tag - and as such, electric mountain bikers are some of the priciest mountain bikes that you can buy.

Sales of Electric Mountain Bikes have been historically slow in the UK, with continental sales far outstripping the number of electric mountain bikes sold across the UK. In recent years however, the popularity of electric mountain bikes have skyrocketed - allowing mountain bikers to enjoy more smiles per hour on each and every ride.

At Westbrook Cycles, we stock and supply an excellent collection of Electric Mountain Bikes - from the mountain bike industries biggest and best brands, including Bergamont, Cannondale, Giant and Scott. The bikes within this range start from just under £2,200 with prices topping out at around £8,000. The bikes at the lower end of the range are hardtail electric mountain bikes, and those at the top of the range include full suspension.

Although we have met a fair few ‘puritan customers’ who shun anything electric - the vast majority of customers we speak to enjoy riding electric mountain bikes, from the complete novice to the most experienced, feedback is good. In recent years, we have definitely seen an increase in traditional mountain bikers choosing to go electric, enjoying the fact that an electric mountain bike can cover around double of the distance which could be achieved on a traditional mountain bike.

As well as helping our customers travel further when out riding, electric mountain bikes also help customers enjoy the maximum riding experience and distance when riding with little time to spare. Speaking from personal experience, we have used electric mountain bikes to push ourselves that little bit further - exploring areas off the beaten track which we usually do not bother with.

Although we have a massive array of electric mountain bikes in stock, which can be found here… below we run through a couple of our personal favourites and best-sellers.

Giant Stance E+1 Electric Full Suspension MB

Perfect for beginner and intermediate riders enjoying the full spectrum of mountain biking, including heading down trails. 


Bergamont E-Revox Hardtail

A fantastic entry level hardtail mountain bike, perfect for covering long distances.


Pivot Cycles Shuttle Full Sus Electric MB

A new way to mountain bike, stunning looks are combined with all terrain conquering design and technology.