Best Cycling Overshoes

If you cycle in the UK, it’s likely that you have encountered some pretty harsh weather - whether it was out riding when it starts snowing, or battling torrential rain and strong winds in the colder months.

To keep you going through the colder months, and to keep you on the bike when the going gets tough, bike manufacturers and bike clothing manufactures have designed a range of products which have been specifically designed to keep you comfortable, enjoying the ride.

Some of the very best examples of products designed to keep you warm and comfortable when the weather is against us, is cycling overshoes. These overshoes are usually designed from neoprene (similar to wetsuit material) or lighter materials which are both windproof and water resistant, whilst remaining breathable. These overshoes have been designed to keep the cold and wet away from your feet - one of the first areas of the body to become uncomfortable when the mercury drops, or when the rain comes down. These overshoes have all been designed to ensure that the cleats on your cycling shoes connect with the pedals unhindered.

There are a range of styles and designs to choose from, with many manufacturers choosing to create high visibility designs, to aid rider safety during the darker months, many manufacturers and customers however, choose to stick with black cycling overshoes, which appear to stay cleaner for longer.

Below, we run through some of our personal favourites, and some of our most popular cycling shoes - available from brands such as: Endura, Scott, Sidi and Solo.

Endura MT500 Plus Overshoes II

These overshoes are ideal for those heading out on mucky and grimy rides, and are best suited to those riding mountain bikes. They fit both clipless and flat pedal shoes - they are very well built, with reinforced rubber areas on the boot, providing reliable use over a long period of time.

Castelli Diluvio Pro Shoecover

This shoe cover was designed to create the perfect shoe cover for those racing on the Sky Team. It’s a warm boot which has seen widespread use by the team during colder months, and during training sessions. It’s constructed from neoprene, and runs up to the bottom of the calf muscle, providing extra protection and warmth.


Cycling Overshoes

Above are just a couple of examples of the overshoes that we have available across our site, many of which have been discounted heavily from their RRP. You can view the full range, here.