Best Cycling Jackets

At Westbrook Cycles, we stock and supply an excellent range of Cycling Jackets. These jackets have been designed using a mix of synthetic and natural martials - providing a warm, comfortable jacket which provides protection from the elements. 

Although winter time is the obvious time to use a cycling jacket, these jackets are suitable for year round use - with many different types of jackets available to buy online. Regardless of the type of jacket you choose to buy, you can expect a number of cycling specific designs and features. 

Most cycling jackets have a high neck, zippable pockets, waterproof and windproof materials as well as longer backs to protect your bum from spray from the back wheel. Other features include storm flaps on pockets, ventilation in key areas and high visibility, reflective areas for added cycling safety. 

Most cycling jackets these days are breathable, using materials such as Gore-Tex - which allows water and moisture to leave the inside of the jacket, but prevents water from penetrating the jacket. As well as these features, different cycling jackets will also have different fits - so it’s worth remembering that race fit and aerodynamic cycling jackets will prevent effective layering underneath. 

One of the final considerations to make, is when and where you will be wearing the cycling jacket. If you head out late at night, or early mornings - or use your bike to commute, choose high visibility cycling jackets with reflective strips, to alert other road users to your presence. 

Cycling Jacket Options

The cycling industry involves so many different cycling disciplines, there is no way that one type of cycling jacket can provide all of the requirements. As such, there is a large number of different cycling jacket types to choose from. Below, we run through all of the different types available:

Showerproof Cycling Jackets

Showerproof cycling jackets are incredibly lightweight options for cyclists to choose from. These jackets are best classed as emergency cycling jackets, perfect for sticking on when we get caught in the inevitable downpour. These jackets offer next to no insulation properties, so are best used for warmer days - or when layered up with mid layers/base layers/jerseys

Softshell Cycling Jackets

Softshell Jackets are incredibly popular, providing wind proof performance - with enough water resistance inbuilt to provide protection against the elements. They remain completely breathable - so prevent an uncomfortable build up of sweat, and these jackets also suit being worn as a casual jacket option. 

Waterproof Cycling Jackets

Waterproof Cycling Jackets are the most expensive types of cycling jackets available - they are designed to be worn as the outer layer, and provide excellent levels of protection against any weather conditions. These jackets can be fleece lined, or not lined at all - and premium options feature fleece lined high necks, storm flaps, sealed seams as well as optional ventilation, which is designed to allow the rider to be able to continue to ride and operate when riding conditions or weather conditions allow. 

Cycling Jackets Online

You can find our complete range of cycling jackets online across our site, and if you have any questions about the collection - please get in touch and we will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.