Best Cycling Energy Bars

Road Cycling and Mountain Biking is an intense activity, providing not only a cardiovascular workout - but also a workout for your muscles, including your core. Cycling over longer periods of time, requires nutrition and supplementation, keeping your energy levels up and ensuring you are able to smash the next ascent.

During exercise, the best way to keep energy levels and performance running high - is by ingesting carbohydrates, with the recommended dose of carbs being 1 gram of carbs per kilogram of bodyweight, per hour.

This means that an 80kg rider needs approximately 80kg of carbohydrate every hour. Ingesting more carbohydrates than this, may not be beneficial - as your body can only absorb so many carbohydrates - meaning you need to find the perfect balance between feeling full, and running on empty.

Thankfully, there are a range of energy gels, drinks and bars which provide excellent on the go nutrition. Designed for cyclists, by cyclists and nutritionists - they are a common sight on many rides and roads.

Below, we run through some of the options for those looking for on the bike carbs:

Energy Drinks

Electrolyte drinks are the quickest and fastest way to ingest carbohydrates and electrolytes (which replace fluids lost through sweat) these drinks are best when swiped throughout a ride, quenching your thirst at the same time.

It’s recommended to use energy drinks and energy drink mixes alongside energy bars.

Energy Gels

Energy Gels provide a quick hit of carbs and glucose for a pick me up, some gels also contain caffeine for concentration and performance. These are the easiest ways of ingesting carbs when racing, saving time and the hassle of chewing.

Energy Bars

Energy Bars have been designed to be enjoyed on a ride, so are more suited to those on leisure and endurance rides, and these tasty bars are perfect for break times. A range of flavours are available, with plenty being made from natural ingredients.

Normal Food

Although more difficult to carry, there are plenty of normal foods that you can enjoy whilst cycling, providing an instant pick me up. Fruit and nut bars, as well as chocolate bars are all popular options!

Cycling Energy & Nutrition

Here, you can find our complete range of energy bars, drinks and gels - all of which have been tested and given the taste test by the team here at Westbrook.