Best Cycle Ride Nutrition

Regardless of whether you are out for a long day mountain biking, or taking part in a road cycling competition where speed is key - keeping your internal energy levels topped up with the right nutrition is absolutely key to an enjoyable, safe and high performance ride. The stomach is at the heart of every bike ride, and allowing the tank run dry can quickly see a ride come to a stop through exhaustion. 

During heavy exercise, it’s recommended that a cyclist should consume one gram of carbohydrate per kilogram of bodyweight per hour, which is a pretty easy formula to stick to. An 85kg cyclist for example, needs to consume 85g of carbohydrates each hour. 

By far the easiest method of getting these carbs into you when cycling is through using ready to consume gels, drinks and energy bars - most of which have been specifically designed for the cycling market. 

Below, we run through a few different types of ready to consume carbs:

Cycling Energy Gels

Energy Gels are one of the easiest and most convenient ways to cram in the carbohydrates when out cycling, quick to consume and easy to store - there are other energy sources which provide a more satisfying form of carb intake. 

Cycling Energy Bars

Energy Bars are one of the slower releasing forms of carbohydrates, providing the perfect choice of food if you are planning ahead. They are undoubtedly best consumed on endurance and long riders, allowing yourself to take five minutes and enjoy the bar, and the view. Energy Bars are also perfectly placed for jersey pockets too. 

Having tasted and tried a lot of energy bars, at Westbrook we recommend Veloforte energy bars - available in a wide range of flavours, which have been classified as ‘great’ by the great taste awards. 

Electrolyte Drinks

Hydration is not surprisingly, a massively important aspect of cycling safety and performance. Consuming electrolyte drinks when out before, during and after cycling is of key importance and as well as being a source of carbs, electrolytes replenish the fluids we lose during exercise. 

We supply a range of sachet electrolyte formulas, which are packed with everything you need to feel your best. 

Real Foods

Days out cycling can allow real guilty pleasures to be consumed. High energy foods are great whilst out cycling and almost anything is permitted, including stop offs at pubs and cafes along certain routes! High energy popular foods include bananas, chocolate and flapjacks. 


You can view all of our cycling energy foods and drinks here, and as ever, if you have any questions about the range -please do get in touch