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Best Bikes for Heavy Riders

At Westbrook Cycles, we are proud to be able to offer a massive range of bikes, spanning from ultra-light carbon fibre race bikes across to full suspension bikes designed for smashing downhill trails in record time. It’s fantastic that no matter what your fitness level is, or cycling style - there is the right bike available to match your exact requirements - allowing anybody to enjoy all of the physical and mental benefits of getting on a bike. 

Both in-store and online, we receive enquiries from customers asking what the best bike for ‘heavy/large/plus size’ cyclists is, making this an important issue for us and our aim is to supply the right bike for these customers, ensuring that they can enjoy cycling wherever and whenever they want to. 

This blog posts looks at some of the best bikes for larger people, ensuring that cycling can be comfortable as possible, with the aim of losing weight - or just for the enjoyment of being out cycling. Below, we run through some hints and tips for you to find the best possible bike for your exact requirements. 

Avoid Race & Road Bikes

Race and Road Bikes are the starting point for many avid cyclists looking to get out and about into the world of cycling - for a few simple reasons, a) we see a lot of these bikes on the road and B) they are specifically designed for putting miles down quickly and easily. Although these bikes have been designed for covering maximum mileage, arched over seating position of these bikes can often be uncomfortable for larger people - with a more upright seating position on a bike being preferred, such as those found on a commuter bike, or mountain bike. 

Avoid Cheap & Nasty Bikes

A heavier person will undoubtedly put more strain on the components of a bike, meaning components such as suspension, wheels, gearing and frame are put under a greater stress when out riding. Cheap generic bikes are fitted with inferior gearing and components, which can fail under greater strain, whereas bikes from quality manufacturers have been designed to perform reliably. 

Choose a Comfortable Bike Seat

One of the biggest challenges facing larger people cycling is comfort, which is why we recommend switching a standard bike seat/saddle to a bigger, more comfortable saddle which helps you enjoy the freedoms of cycling, without a sore backend. 

Upgrade Components

One of the best ways to provide a reliable and enjoy cycling experience is to upgrade certain components on a bike - such as the pedals. Speaking from personal experience, I have stood up on pedals before a climb before and had them snap on a cheap bike, so it’s well worth investing in the right drivetrain, pedals and gearing on your bike to prevent the same thing happening to you! 

Consider Electric Bikes

Although larger people can be as fit as a fiddle, for many fitness levels are a stumbling block and the number one reason why longer bike rides cannot be enjoyed. An electric bike removes this obstacle, and with the power of an electric motor allows you to ride further, for longer. 

Hardtail Mountain Bikes

One of the most popular styles of bikes for larger people is a hardtail mountain bike, which is built from high quality components and is tough enough to tackle a wide range of terrain. One of the reasons that these bikes are so popular, is the fact that they are so diverse - they are at home on the streets, as well as off road. 

You can view our full range of hardtail mountain bikes here, and if you are looking for a bike which can provide great performance for the heavier person - get in touch and we will be more than happy to help.