Best Bikes for City Cycling

At Westbrook Cycles, we are proud to handpick a range of bikes that have been designed, and are perfectly matched for cycling across cities. These bikes are used for everything from seeing friends and getting about on a weekend, but most importantly - during the daily commute. 

The massive requirement for bikes for city cycling, means that we receive many orders from the biggest cities across the UK, including London, Leeds and Manchester. Although commuter bikes fall under many different names and types - we categorise all of our purpose built commuter machines as both Hybrid & Urban Bikes. These bikes have been designed to tick all of the boxes, allowing the rider to navigate a massive range of terrain - from busy roads, whilst being able to cope with a shortcut through the park. 

As well as being affordable, these bikes are also easy to ride - and provide a great upright seating position, which is fantastic for keeping safe whilst commuting. A common sight in towns and cities every morning, these bikes keep entire cities and workforces moving quickly, easily and efficiently.

Below, we run through some of our most popular city bikes - and some of the bikes which have performed well not only in our own testing and use, but also across the industry.

Giant Roam 1 With Disc Brakes

The Giant Roam bike is one of the most diverse bikes that we supply, providing a comfortable and easy ride across a massive variety of terrain - from gravel tracks to the daily commute. This bike also features disc brakes and front suspension forks, providing a very safe and very rideable bike. 

GT Unisex Transeo Comp Urban Bike

Brand new for 2020, the Transeo Comp Urban Bike from GT is an incredibly diverse and capable bike. It’s perfectly at home on the commute, and is perfect for low exertion rides, getting you from A-B efficiently and safely.

Cannondale Bad Boy 1 Urban Bike

The Cannondale Bad Boy 1 Urban Bike does everything what is asked for, a high quality bike with excellent handling characteristics, it’s the ideal bike for everything from fitness across to commuting, as well as nipping out to the shops. The bike has also been designed for the urban jungle, with integrated lights.


You can view our full collection of our best bikes for city cycling, here - and as always, if you have any questions about the range, get in touch and we will be more than happy to help.