Best Bikes for 10-12 Year Olds

At Westbrook Cycles, we understand the importance of cycling with a family - and it’s as enjoyable seeing your children enjoy the freedom of riding a bike, as cycling yourself. Combining the two together then, is a winning combination. We speak to many customers week in, week out - looking to buy the right bike for their children, and the age range we get asked about the most is between ten and twelve years of age. 

In our personal experience, this age is the sweet spot of enjoying cycling with your children. By that age, children have typically learned how to ride a bike - so there’s no need for stabilisers, flat ground and tantrums. It’s important to note that kids aged between 10 and 12 are usually still quite happy to spend time with parents, before the teenage years bite and the idea of a family bike ride repels them! 

To help you, your children and your family make the most of this golden family time, here are some of our choices for the best bikes for 10-12 year old boys and girls. 

Kids Bikes Sizes

Bikes with a 24 Inch wheel are usually the right size for this age group, suiting kids between 135-150cm in height. Any smaller, choose a 20 inch wheel and any taller - look for a bike with a 26 inch wheel, or a small framed adults mountain bike. 

Below, we run through four examples of kids bikes - with one bike available from every size range. 


20 Inch Kids Bikes

The Scott Roxter is one of our best selling kids bikes, available with 20 inch wheels. Incredibly hard wearing, this bike provides a good riding experience, with good levels of reliability - meaning that it can stand up to all the punishment that kids can throw at it. It’s at home both on the streets and off the beaten track and enjoys excellent reviews from adults and children alike.


24 Inch Kids Bike

Children and adults who naturally are leaning towards biking on the roads, will be served incredibly well by this Scott Gravel Bike available with 24inch wheels. Able to tackle almost any terrain, it’s a great stepping stone before proceeding onto an adult road bike.


26 Inch Kids Bike

Those children who take mountain biking seriously and are looking for a bike capable of tackling any terrain will be well served by the Scott Spark Junior Full Suspension Bike.


27.5 Inch Kids Bike

Perfect for taller kids, as well as adults - choosing a bike with a 27.5 inch wheel opens up a whole new league of bikes and possibilities. Full suspension bikes, hardtail mountain bikes, road bikes and cyclocross bikes are all available. 

This hardtail mountain bike however is an ideal choice for a 10-12 year old, as well as teenagers - combining value with performance and reliability. The Bergamont Revox 2 is a firm choice. 


You can view our full range of kids bikes here, and remember - you can always get in touch if you have any questions at all.