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Best Bike Travel Cases & Bags

No matter where you live in the UK, there’s some fantastic places to cycle - the call of further off destinations however, cannot be ignored. Whether it’s road cycling across the majestic roads of islands such as Majorca, or blasting down trails in the Alps - taking advantage of the ski lift systems to get up high, quick - there’s some terrific riding to be enjoyed around the world. 

There’s always a decision to make when considering journeying to the cycling meccas of the world - do you pack and transport your own bike, or borrow one when out there? In our personal experience here at Westbrook Cycles, we always travel with our own bikes wherever possible. We do this for a few reasons - it’s always better cycling on a bike you know, which has been setup the way that you like it. It’s unlikely that a rental bike will ever compete against the bike that you know and love, this is especially true with mountain bikes and downhill full suspension bikes which have been tuned to the rider. As well as riding an inferior bike, insurance and repairs can be costly if an accident was to happen.

In recent years, the bike industry has taken note of the number of people travelling with their bikes all over the world, via plane, train and boat - and as such, have developed a number of different bike travel cases and bags which do a great job of making bike travel easy, as well as ensuring your bike remains safe.

Bike Travel Bags

There is a fantastic collection of bike bags available on the market, which easily accommodate all types of bikes. Packaged safely and securely, these bags are the perfect way to travel with your bike - allowing you to sit back and enjoy the journey, without having to worry (too much) about your bike in transit. Many of these bike travel bags also have wheels on, making travelling with your bike even easier.

One of our personal favourite bike bags on the market if from EVOC and is called the ‘Bike Travel Bag Pro’ This is a high end bike bag, which features a molded bottom case, which links up with aluminium slide rails. It’s also available in a couple of different colour options.

Bike Travel Boxes

Bike Boxes are by far the most secure and safe way of travelling with your bike, although bike bags cater for the 99% - if your bike is your pride and joy, you should probably read on. The Topeak Pakgo X Bike Transport Case is our choice of bike box, featuring everything anybody would ever need to ensure their bike arrives in pristine condition.

Manufactured from an incredibly tough polycarbonate shell, it features two wheel bags, a drivetrain cover, inner pocket, two wheel bags, protective foam and sleeves and a TSA lock.


If you have any questions about the right products, for transporting your bike - please do get in touch and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.