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Best Bike For A 60 Year Old Man

At Westbrook Cycles, whether it’s online or in our North Yorkshire store - we deal with customers shopping for bikes in so many different ways, and frequently we hear the question - what’s the best bike for me to ride when I am around 60?

The answer is - almost anything. A 60 year old is more than capable of cycling any bike that we supply - but we understand that this age group are more aware of comfort compared to younger riders. The good news is that cycling can be massively enjoyable in your 60’s - you have disposable income and hopefully, more time away from work to enjoy cycling.

Below, we look at some considerations to make - as you progress your cycling career, later in life:

Comfortable Riding Position

If you are new to cycling, it’s important that you do not just rush into buying a bike that you like the look of. If you buy a racing road bike for example, similar to what you see being ridden in the Tour de France - you can expect a hunched over, aerodynamic and uncomfortable riding position. Plenty of road bikes offer a more relaxed geometry without sacrificing too much efficiency - so you can find a great road bike to allow you to enjoy longer days in the saddle.

Mountain Bikes and Hybrid Bikes provide a relaxed and comfortable riding position - so comfort is less of a concern with these bikes.

Comfortable Bike Upgrades

When comfort is more of a priority, there are a number of changes that you can make to any bike to make it more comfortable. Apart from the geometry and design of a bike - wider, more comfortable bike saddles are available - and those looking for comfort should invest in a full suspension mountain bike if travelling off road, with high performance suspension that removes a lot of the feedback from rough surfaces and trails.

Electric Bikes

Electric Bikes are fantastic for older cyclists. Available across road bikes, mountain bikes, hybrid bikes and gravel bikes - the assistance of an electric motor removes a lot of the stress on joints and muscles that cycling can, whilst still allowing the rider to enjoy the health benefits of exercise and being out in the great outdoors. As well as being more comfortable and easier to ride in many environments, electric bikes serve as a great leveler - allowing riders to keep up with younger riders (on non-electric bikes!)

Bikes for Older Riders

You can view the complete range of suitable bikes for riders across our site - and if you have any questions about the right bike for your requirements - get in touch and we will be more than happy to provide advice and assistance.