Best Baggy Mountain Bike Shorts

Although tight lycra can look pretty cool, there’s nothing really cooler than baggy mountain bike clothing, manufactured by some of the coolest and most respected mountain bike brands in the world. Although many mountain bikers still choose to wear lycra if covering long distances off road, those riding downhill and enjoying trails and descents, usually choose a tougher layer of external clothing to soak up any damage which may come from the likes of overhanging branches and bushes.

Baggy mountain bike shorts can be worn over lycra shorts, or worn on their own over the usual underwear - some of these shorts even have their own lycra lining, for extra comfort - and many also feature padding and detachable padding to provide extra comfort and protection in the event of a crash or collision. On the subject of toughness, the materials of mountain bike shorts need to be durable enough to shrug off scrapes and brushes with foliage, it’s even better if these shorts are also waterproof/water repellent - allowing you to keep warm and dry on cold and rainy days. The material of these shorts should also be easy to clean.

Although the term ‘baggy’ describes the style of these shorts, it’s important to note that these mountain bike shorts still need to fit. All dedicated mountain bike shorts should fit well around the waist, and have openings and fastenings which ensure these shorts stay in place all day.

Below, we run through some of our favourite baggy biking shorts, which have been chosen from the likes of Scott, Troy Lee, Dainese and 100 Percent.

Scott Trail Hybrid Shorts With Pad

These womens mountain bike shorts are full of innovative features and clever design tricks. The loose style and design gives massive levels of comfort, and there’s an inner compression short within these shorts, allowing for extra comfort and performance. These shorts support the muscles, including increasing blood flow. The back of the shorts feature a pocket, and these shorts are also water repellant.

Troy Lee Designs Flowline Baggy Shorts

These shorts represent an affordable, stylish and comfortable baggy mountain short - aimed at mountain bike enthusiasts. There’s not a huge number of features of these shorts, just a really comfortable fit and a cool look.

Dainese HG Shorts 2

These shorts are some of the most lightweight shorts that we supply, and are perfect for all kinds of mountain biking. Ripstop material protects these shorts (and your legs) from scrapes and scratches, whilst elasticated areas across the shorts provide maximum comfort levels.

Mountain Bike Shorts Online

The above products are just a small sample of the amount of mountain biking shorts that we have available online - you can view the full range across our site.