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Beginner Mountain Bikes

At Westbrook Cycles, we believe everybody can remember the very start of their mountain biking journey, instead of riding along complete flat and smooth ground - the first mountain bike ride can be an equally scary but exciting experience. It’s so exciting, as for the first time riders experience everything from rocks and roots, to streams and different obstacles, providing a completely new, exhilarating type of cycling experience. 

Whether you are purchasing a beginner mountain bike for yourself, or a loved one - it’s important that a beginner mountain bike, or an entry level mountain bike provides an enjoyable riding experience, whilst not breaking the bank. 

In our experience, the best entry level mountain bikes are always hardtail, meaning they have front suspension forks, but no rear suspension. These incredibly capable bikes, provide the perfect balance between budget and performance, and are able to navigate a huge amount of ground, efficiently and quickly. 

Above, we spoke about cost being one of the most important considerations when buying a mountain bike whilst you are new to the sport. At Westbrook, we always recommend investing in quality bikes, rather than just choosing the ‘most advanced’ bike that your budget can stretch to. We firmly believe that a good quality hardtail mountain bike, is preferable to a poorer quality full suspension bike. 

Below, are a couple of our personal favourite entry level mountain bikes.

GT Palomar Alloy Mountain Bike

A fantastic entry level mountain bike, at just over £300 - this bike features quality components and front suspension forks, with the frame having a lifetime warranty.

Scott Aspect 780 Hardtail Mountain Bike

Recently discounted, the Scott Aspect hardtail mountain bike is one of our best selling hardtail mountain bikes - it’s at home on the commute, or on the trails and provides excellent riding dynamics, Scott quality, and fantastic aesthetics. 

Bergamont Revox 3 Hardtail

Coming from the stables of Bergamont, the Revox 3 Hardtail Mountain Bike is another fantastic value offering - combining high performance, high quality at an affordable price point. We also think this bike is one of the best looking hardtails that we supply.


You can view our full range of hardtail mountain bikes here, and as ever - if you have any questions about these bikes - do just get in touch and we will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.