Baggy Mountain Bike Shorts Guide

Baggy Mountain Bike Shorts are ideal for everything from cross country mountain bike blasts, right across to the daily commute. Comfortable and stylish enough to look good during all activities, these shorts are also perfect for those who want to avoid falling into the trap of wearing Lycra out and about. 

As well as being a more stylish option than Lycra, baggy mountain shorts also serve an important purpose when off road - these shorts protect the legs from off road terrain and all that can be found within it, such as scratches from brambles and twigs. Baggy Shorts are also really useful to wear, with deep pockets, vents and waterproof areas to ensure year round comfort. 

Baggy MTB Short Choices

All Baggy MTB Shorts are not made the same, and there are different MTB Shorts to suit different cycling disciplines. For example, Downhill Mountain Bike Shorts are designed to be tougher than trail shorts, which provide a more lightweight design. The other main choice when it comes to what mountain bike shorts to choose, is the level of warmth and weather protection that they provide. 

Baggy MTB Short Fit

As above, there are a number of different fits available for MTB shorts. Baggy shorts are by definition, loose fitting - but they remain tight enough not to snag up. These materials and fabric are designed to stretch - with waistbands also containing stretch panels for additional comfort. 

MTB Short Length

Trail Riding Shorts reach the top of your legs, but should stop above the knee. This short length will allow you to wear mountain bike knee pads for comfort, protection and confidence. Shorts designed for use in winter, will typically cover the knee area - meaning that water runs off your legs easier. 

Padded MTB Shorts

One of the most important parts of any mountain bike short, is the padded shorts/chamois which are worn inside of them. Many baggy MTB shorts are sold with these padded shorts - which can then be swapped around and used with other shorts. These padded liner shorts are breathable, helping keep them fresh. 

Summer MTB Shorts

If you are riding during the warmer months, as most will choose to - it’s important to choose mountain bike shorts with cooling elements such as vents, these can be permanent features or can be zipped away for year round use. Travelling at higher speeds make these vents incredibly effective at keeping you cool. 

Wearing Baggy Shorts for Road Cycling

Although Lycra shorts are the most popular option for road cycling, baggy MTB shorts are perfect for those looking for a more casual appearance. Reflective strips also make for better visibility on UK roads.