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Are Scott Mountain Bikes Good?

At Westbrook Cycles, we avoid brands which do not reach the high standards of bike and components that we are willing to supply to our customers. In our experience, cheaper bike brands provide an inferior quality of ride, as well as potential reliability issues.

All of the bikes, both mountain bikes and road bikes which are found across our site - meet our standards, and we supply every one with complete confidence.  

One of the biggest bike brands that we supply here online is Scott. Scott Mountain Bikes are one of the most popular types of products that we supply - stocking and supplying hardtail and full suspension Scott Mountain Bikes to customers all over the UK. 

Many customers looking to get into mountain biking for the first time ask us ‘Are Scott Mountain Bikes any Good? The answer to that is Yes - and there is a massive array of benefits and reasons why you should choose a Scott MTB. 

Some of the reasons why a Scott MTB should be your next choice, do not have anything to do with mountain biking - but show the companies ethos in pushing the boundaries of bike research and development. 

Scott as a brand, was created in 1958 and the brand has covered all kinds of equipment and originally began designing and manufacturing ski poles. Today, the brand is involved in motocross, road cycling, running as well as mountain biking. 

Do not, however, think that Scott is a jack of all trades and a master of none - Scott Mountain Bikes represent the diverse nature of the brand brilliantly, and their bikes have been used by riders who have reached many different world title podiums. 

The Scott range of mountain bikes encompasses everything from beginner hardtail mountain bikes, right across to full suspension mountain bikes for elite athletes. 

Current Mountain Bikes within the Scott lineup include:

Scott Aspect 

Scott Scale

Scott Spark

Scott Spark RC

Scott Genius

Scott Ransom

Scott Gambler 

You can view the full range of Scott Mountain Bikes here, and as always - please do get in touch if you have any questions about the collection.