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Are GT Mountain Bikes Good?

At Westbrook Cycles, we are proud to stock and supply the full collection of GT Mountain Bikes. GT was one of the first brands involved in the world of mountain biking, and today faces tough competition from other brands such as Scott and Cannondale

One of the biggest questions we always get asked about GT bikes and mountain bikes in general, is how good are certain brands. It’s well worth mentioning that at Westbrook we only work with carefully selected brands, which we know and trust to deliver mountain bikes which perform brilliantly in the field. If a brand does not meet our own internal expectations for performance and reliability, we never stock or supply it to our customers. This means that regardless of your budget and requirements - our bikes will not let you down. 

GT was one of the first brands that we started working with, and the brand was created by Gary Turner in 1979. The mountain bike ranges today follow the same names of GT MTB’s from back in the day - and are instantly recognisable to a lot of riders - names like the Zaskar. 

The GT range of mountain bikes however, have been designed and redeveloped year on year - to ensure that the range continues to create cutting edge mountain bikes which perform. Regardless of whether you are after a budget hardtail GT bike - or a full suspension downhill machine - there’s the right GT bike for you. 

Current models in the GT MTB lineup include:

GT Aggressor

GT Avalanche

GT Palomar

GT Force

GT Sensor

GT Sanction

GT Verb

You can view the full range of GT Mountain Bikes here - and if you have any questions about choosing the right GT bikes for your requirements, please do get in touch and we will be happy to recommend the right bike for your needs.