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Are Electric Bikes Worth it?

Although the introduction of electric road bikes and electric mountain bikes may seem new - they have existed in various forms for over twenty years. Not until recently has there been such a demand for them, but there are now electric bikes available to purchase from all of the world’s leading bike brands, including giants such as Scott and Cannondale.

Although the uptake of electric bikes has grown massively in recent years, there are still some puritan mountain bikers and road cyclists that remain committed to non electric mountain bikes. For those still not sure about the jump to an electric bike, we run through some of the reasons why it’s worth upgrading to an e-bike.

You can Ride Longer

One of the biggest advantages to riding an electric bike is the fact that you can ride for longer, meaning that you cover more ground in quicker time. This allows for massive distances to be covered on full day rides, right across to allowing you to ride further when time is limited.

If you are commuting, electric bikes can significantly cut the time it takes for you to get to and from work.

You will Ride More Often

Electric Bikes are a joy to use, and many studies have shown that they are used more than non electric bikes. The assisted power delivery means that you can squeeze more into each ride, whether it’s getting out for a quick half hour, right across to getting out for full day rides more than ever before, thanks to an increased level of enjoyment.

They Still Get You Fit

Electric Bikes still burn calories, and if you ride more than you usually would because you have an electric bike - you will burn more calories than you would have done not riding your non electric bike.

Good for Commuting

As mentioned above, electric bikes are a really good option for commuters. They effectively cut down a commuting time, and thanks to the power assistance - you can arrive at work feeling less tired and less sweaty than you previously would have.

Road Safety

One of the reasons cyclists have accidents on the road, is the inability to avoid an accident through lack of speed. Electric bikes allow you to have the instant power on hand to get out of tricky situations.

Deal with Wind & Hills

High winds and steep hills can take the fun out of any ride, leaving a rider feeling exhausted. The extra power on hand from an electric bike reduces the effect that both hills and wind can have.

Easier on the Body

Although you can ride electric bikes really hard, in most cases they are easier on the joints and the body than non electric bikes - allowing you to enjoy cycling as you did before, but at a lower fitness level or at an older age.

They are Great Fun

On top of all of the advantages listed above, electric bikes are fantastic fun to ride - allowing you to do ride the way that you want to, all of the time.