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Affordable Carbon Fibre Road Bikes

As with many hobbies in life, there has to be a balance between money spent VS enjoyment, with hobbies such as cycling easily swallowing thousands, if not tens of thousands of pounds. At Westbrook, we want as many of our customers as possible to be able to enjoy cycling, with access to the very finest bikes, products and components - at the very best prices. We never sell inferior bikes or components to our customers, so you can trust every single bike that we supply. 

In recent years, our purchasing team have worked really hard in making carbon fibre road bikes as accessible as possible to our customers, allowing our customers to enjoy all of the benefits of a carbon fibre road bike brings. Although we will never pretend that a carbon fibre road bike is a cheap purchase, for those looking to make the upgrade to carbon fibre, we have an excellent range at a sensible price point. In this post, we bring attention to a few of these bikes - as well as look at some of the reasons why a carbon fibre bike is an upgrade compared to other frame materials, bringing everyday benefits which makes every ride extra enjoyable. 

Why choose a Carbon Fibre Bike?

Carbon Fibre is one of the most exciting materials used in the design and construction of road bikes, and it’s a material which was previously only used in aerospace and motorsport applications. Incredibly tough, yet incredibly light - carbon fibre is the perfect material for road bikes. 

As well as being incredibly strong, when components such as front forks are made from carbon fibre - the rider can enjoy not only further weight savings and incredible strength - but also increased absorption of bumps and knocks.

More affordable than ever, it’s easier than ever for riders of all capabilities to enjoy all of the benefits of a carbon fibre bike. 

Colnago CRS Ultegra Road Bike

The CRS is a fantastic entry level carbon fibre bike, which perfectly reflects the Colango approach to pushing the boundaries of research and design. It’s a great entry level road bike which competes with bikes well out of its price bracket.

Colnago CLX Evo Ultegra

This bike is perfectly suited to a young, enthusiastic rider - and boasts incredible levels of design and workmanship. The carbon fibre frame provides the perfect balance between stiffness, lightness and comfort.

Colnago CLD Ultegra Ladies Road Bike

Designed and built specifically for female cyclists, this bike features a carbon fibre monocoque, and features a shorter top tube, allowing a more compact and efficient design. The saddle is also incredibly comfortable.


You can however, view our full range of road bikes here - and as ever, if you have any questions about purchasing a carbon fibre bike, or bike frame, please get in touch and we will be more than happy to help.