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2020 Mountain Biking Body Armour

The New Year is always a really exciting time for us here at Westbrook Cycles, we finally get our hands and can supply all of the latest stock that our suppliers have been working on for the last year or so, most of which features improvements over the previous years version. As well as getting our hands on updated products, we also get to see brand new products - launched for the first time. It’s not just bikes which we get to see either, and each year - manufacturers of mountain bike body armour, work hard creating body armour which is lighter, more comfortable, and more protective than ever before. 

The type of body armour that you need, will depend upon the type of riding that you carry out - and the associated risk level of each mountain bike discipling. Those riding cross country for example, will need lighter body armour than those tackling downhill trails. Whatever type of riding you do, there’s a number of different reasons to use body armour. As well as looking absolutely fantastic, and really cool - body armour has been proven to reduce the risk and seriousness of injuries, so whilst it’s not an invincibility suit - it does increase rider confidence and in turn, performance. 

There is however, an element of risk VS reward with body armour - those heading down relatively easy trails whilst out riding - will benefit from lighter, more comfortable body armour, whilst those heading down some serious trails, will benefit from body armour which provides maximum coverage and protection. 

Below, we run through some of the newest additions to our mountain bike body armour range, this year:

Scott Vanguard Evo Protector Jacket (2020)

Designed to be extra comfortable, suitable for all day riding on trails and across enduro disciplines, this protector jacket provides protection along the spine, with lumbar support being provided by Scott’s AirFlex technology. As well as providing good levels of protection, this jacket also comes with an integrated water bladder and storage pockets for mountain biking essentials.

Endura MT500 Lite Knee Pads (2020)

Knees are one of the contact points on our bodies which can take a real battering when out mountain biking, making knee pads a sensible piece of protective kit to consider buying. These knee pads from Endura provide certified protection, and features incredibly strong impact panels - which fit alongside foam padding for extra protection. These knee pads have also been designed to fit incredibly well, allowing for all day comfort and confidence.

Scott Grenade EVO Shin Guards (2020)

Anybody who has ever experience the pain of a pedal hitting their shin, will very quickly know the value and importance of wearing a pair of shin guards when mountain biking. These shin guards from Scott fit really well with different knee pads, and have been designed to keep your shins protected and comfortable, and from personal experience - these shin pads do a really great job of not moving when riding.

Mountain Biking Chest Protector

Chest Protectors provide the ultimate in upper body protection for downhill mountain bike riders. The BG5955 Chest Protector is one of the best, providing a comfortable, discreet and effective piece of body armour which protects everything from the ribs and back, to the shoulders as well as the upper arms.  It’s been designed to maintain it’s profile during a crash.

Mountain Bike Body Armour Online

The above products are just a few of the body armour products that we have available, and you can view the full range of body armour across our site, here.