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2020 Electric Road Bikes

Electric Bikes are one of the most exciting additions and innovations to hit the world of cycling,  and they are becoming increasingly popular in road bike format. Electric Road Bikes provide our customers with the best of both worlds, featuring the frame and geometry of a regular road bike, alongside high performance pedal assist power - allowing our customers to enjoy a road bike that they can travel further on, and one which makes steep ascents easier on the legs - allowing for a more fun, more enjoyable riding experience.

As mentioned above, all of the electric road bikes that we supply operate on a pedal assist setup, which means that the electric motor adds power to your natural pedalling motion and power - giving greater distance and speed with each and every pedal. The effect of the power assist is instant, and the more intense the pedalling, the greater the power. All power also stops when you stop pedalling too, allowing for a very safe power delivery.

There are two main types of motor and drivetrain on road bikes, that is Hub Drive and Crank Drive. Although there are a few differences, the distinction between the two is actually pretty simple - hub drive looks more like a normal road bike, and produces less power. Crank drive electric road bikes are more powerful, and on ascents this extra power is really noticeable. Crank drive bikes also have extra range compared to their hub powered counterparts, thanks to the addition of a larger battery pack.

As standard, all electric road bikes also have a display and menu which allows different power modes to be cycled. Below, we run through some of our newest 2020 electric road bikes, from the likes of Giant, Colnago and Cannondale


Giant Road E+2 Pro Electric Road Bike

Designed for enjoyable performance, this bike features an aluminum frame, with a carbon fork - and is powered by Giant’s own SyncDrive Pro Motor. One of the biggest and most noticeable things about this bike, is just how well balanced it is. It’s ideal for road riders who want to be able to tackle steeper hills, whilst covering longer distances.

Cannondale Synapse Neo 2 Electric Road Bike

This bike improves each and every ride, allowing the rider to go further and climb more easily - thanks to its smooth and silent power delivery, delivered through pedal assist. Using tried and tested frame geometry of road bikes from the Cannondale range, this bike feels like a road bike, but is just so much more. It’s one of the very best electric road bike packages available.

Colnago E64 Disc Ultegra Di2 Electric Road Bike

This is easily one of the best looking electric road bikes on the market, designed and built by the experts at Colnago. This bike features the same design as the C64 with the addition of its electric motor. A specialist and unique pedal assist system allows for natural pedalling, with excellent performance. The electric motor, stored in the hub of this bike is incredibly lightweight and efficient, electronic assistance can be turned on or off - and there’s also an app available to sync with the bike.

Electric Road Bikes Online at Westbrook Cycles

Above are just a couple of our new 2020 Electric Road Bikes, the full range of Electric Road Bikes can be found here. You can view the full range and order online, and if you have any questions about which bike is right for you, please do just get in touch and we will be happy to advise on the right bike for your exact requirements.