£2000 To £3000 Gravel Bikes

At a £2,000 budget and above, cyclists can have the pick of the very best gravel bikes on the market. At this budget, there are two main types of gravel bike to choose from - with both types those designed for maximum off road performance, and those designed for racing across all kinds of terrain, including roads.

At this price point, gravel bikes have carbon fibre frames and forks, the highest quality components are used - allowing for maximum performance and reliability across all kinds of different terrain. These bikes provide excellent performance across all kinds of conditions, with a simple tyre change from grippy tyres to road tyres - to change from off road performance, right across to excellent on road pace and performance.

Although these carbon gravel bikes are a little wasted on the commute, they can still handle a commute - with plenty of mounting points for luggage, which also makes these carbon gravel bikes excellent choices for touring bikes.

These bikes can either boast a speed focused geometry, or a more relaxed geometry - the sort of geometry which you could cycle round the world on. All have long wheelbases, low bottom brackets and generous tyre clearance - with disc brakes to provide stopping performance. Carbon fibre is the frame material of choice on these gravel bikes, providing plenty of strength, weight savings as well as comfort.

Below, we run through some of the best gravel bikes available between £2000 and £3000:

Cannondale Topstone Carbon 5 Gravel Bike

Carbon Framed, this gravel bike is designed for adventure - whether that’s a new personal best on the daily commute, or pointing this bike at the horizon and getting there. Shimano Components and a Ballistec full Carbon Tube enhances this bike's performance across all conditions.

Cannondale Topstone Carbon 4

This highly capable and versatile gravel bike, has a carbon frame and Cannondale's unique Kingpin suspension system. Ballistec carbon forks are used alongside Shimano components.

GT Grade Carbon Elite Gravel Bike

The Grade Carbon gets you wherever you want to be, on whatever path you want to take. Featuring the iconic triple triangle, this bike is compliant, manageable and versatile - it's super lightweight, with carbon forks and frame. It’s compatible with a dropper seatpost, hinting at his bike's ability to handle single track.

Cannondale Topstone 1 Gravel Bike

This alloy framed gravel bike, comes in at under £2,000 - and has everything required for a true adventure and gravel experience. Carbon forks, disc brakes and plenty of mounts for luggage and bottles mean you can point this bike at the horizon, and get there in comfort and in good time.