£2000 - £2500 Road Bikes

The £2,000 price point is an excellent starting point for a high quality road bike, and at this budget - cyclists will have a great choice of bikes, which use the best components and parts to provide excellent performance. All of the road bikes available around the £2,000 price point all use carbon fibre frames - the use of carbon fibre provides a lighter performing, stiffer and more comfortable riding experience compared to alloy frames.

The advantages of using a carbon fibre road bike continue, with lateral and torsional stiffness meaning that more pedalling power is transferred through to the wheels, and not lost in the frame. Carbon fibre, when used in areas such as seat stays, also provides increased comfort levels - over alloy frames.

There are two main types of road bike to choose from at this price point, race bias aggressive road bikes designed for maximum speed and pace, alongside endurance road bikes which are more designed for touring and covering maximum distances - with a more comfortable geometry.

At this price point, the frame will outperform components on the bike - so it’s a great price point to purchase at, if you plan on upgrading components on the bike, around an excellent and industry leading frame.

Giant Liv Langma Advanced 3

This super lightweight racing bike provides plenty of speed and pace across all road conditions, making light work of ascents and descents - this bike has slender tubes, is very stiff and has been designed to be incredibly aerodynamic.

Cannondale Synapse Carbon 105 Road Bike

This bike has a fantastic ability to shorten longer rides, with a combination of increased speed and excellent levels of comfort. It boasts a full Ballistec Full Carbon Frame, twinned with a Ballistec Full Carbon Fork. Shimano components, and hydraulic disc brakes provide effortless performance across a range of conditions.

Giant Liv Avail Advanced 1 Ladies Road Bike

This bike is ideal for solo adventures over long distances, as well as shorter rides with a focus on speed. Combining lightweight performance with comfort, this carbon fibre framed ladies bike uses Shimano components and advanced grade composite carbon fibre for a responsive and lightweight frame.