£1500 Gravel Bikes

At the £1,500 mark - there are a stack of Gravel Bikes which perfectly balance the requirements of value and performance. At this price point, buyers will still have to choose an alloy gravel bike, but with a carbon fork and high quality components.

A £1,500 Gravel Bike really does meet all cycling requirements, able to handle singletrack with a set of knobbly and grippy tyres - able to handle road cycling with a set of road tyres and able to handle touring and commuting, thanks to a comfortable riding position, and plenty of mounting points.

Turning every mile into enjoyment - these bikes are at home off road across mountain bike terrain, on the daily commute, riding across parkland areas including canal towpaths and on winding roads. These bikes offer a relatively simple design, meaning they provide excellent value for money compared to mountain bikes.

Below, we run through some of the best Gravel Bikes available around the £1,500 mark:

Scott Speedster Gravel 30

The Scott Speedster provides everything a rider needs a Gravel Bike to provide - A Shimano drivetrain, tough tyres, Syncros components and Carbon Forks provides plenty of usable real world performance, helping you make great progress, both on and off road.

GT Bicycles Grade Expert Gravel Bike

The allroad of bikes, this gravel bike features the iconic GT triple triangle, and it’s been designed to suit every rider, across every terrain. An alloy frame, with carbon forks and disc brakes provide usable performance across whatever you can throw at this Gravel cruncher.