£1000 Road Bikes

World beating, race specification road bikes can cost up to the ten thousand pound mark, with professional and recreational cyclists choosing to invest large sums into a road bike in order to squeeze out every bit of available performance. Although these budgets and costs may seem incredibly intimidating - there are still plenty of high quality road bikes at lower price points.

For those on a lower budget, say £1,000 - there are still plenty of options to choose from - and in this post, we look at the available road bikes around the £1k mark, what these bikes look like, how they perform and what equipment you can expect.

One of the first things to do when choosing a road bike, is choose which type of road bike you need and would like - the main choice is between road bikes with a race geometry and road bikes which have a more relaxed geometry, more suited for touring.

At the £1,000 mark, both the frame of the bike and the components on the bike will be of a high quality - although you will not be in the market for a carbon fibre frame road bike at this price point. Road Bikes at this price point, will have a lightweight alloy frame, and components such as hydraulic disc brakes for excellent braking performance and power across all weather conditions.

Giant Contend 1 Road Bike (2022)

This road bike provides a smooth performance, across those looking for maximum pace and speed - as well as those taking a more leisurely approach to the day's ride. The perfect bike to push performance and boundaries - featuring an efficient ride and agile handling. Features such as the D-Fuse seatpost reduces road vibrations and shock through the seat, and there’s plenty of clearance to run wider tyres to provide extra comfort and smoothness. Aluminium frame is what we expect from Giant, it’s high quality, strong, lightweight and reliable.

Giant Contend AR 4 Road Bike (2022)

Another fantastic all rounder from the Giant stables. This bike has been designed to provide a smooth performance, it feels perfectly balanced and has powerful disc brakes and tubeless tyres - making this a good choice for those looking for a pavement bike. It’s a rough road expert, so is perfect for those cycling in rural areas looking for adventure.

Cannondale CAAD Optimo 2 Road Bike

Using Smartform C2 lightweight alloy as the frame material, this bike has a full carbon fork from CAAD Optimso and uses Shimano components for a high quality and smooth ride.

Scott Speedster 30 Road Bike

The Scott Speedster 30 is a fantastic road bike, it offers excellent value - and it’s lightweight alloy frame has integrated cables, helping enhance the cool look of this bike. Carbon forks and Shimano components help provide excellent performance, and the endurance geometry of the frame allows the rider to point this bike at the horizon and get there.