£1000 Gravel Bikes

Gravel Bikes are a pretty new kind of bike - they combine the very best of mountain bikes and road bikes - into a package which can be described as an endurance road bike, with larger tyres and clearance, allowing the rider to enjoy everything that cycling has to offer.

Fancy some road cycling? No problem - buy some road tyres and get on the roads. More challenging single track, stick on some grippy gravel tyres and away you go - these bikes can even handle the daily commute thanks to mounting points for luggage.

These bikes are excellent mile munchers, and are often compared to the old mountain bikes of yesteryear - which too had thinner tyres and no suspension. Within the gravel bike range, there are bikes more suited to off road use than others - and this simplicity, means that these bikes are available at an excellent price point compared to some mountain bikes.

Around the £1,000 mark you can expect gravel bikes with lightweight, yet strong alloy frames - which have carbon components such as carbon forks. Gravel Bikes will only really use disc brakes, and 2x drivetrains and 1x drivetrains are available. Below, we run through some of our most popular, and our personal favourite gravel bikes around the £1,000 mark:

2021 Cannondale Topstone 4

This is a highly capable gravel bike - suited for all kinds of riding, an alloy frame with a carbon fork provides lightweight and efficient performance, there’s also internal cabling and plenty of mounts for kit.

2020 Topstone 4 Gravel Bike

This alloy framed gravel bike feels lightweight and lively on the roads and off road. The C2 alloy used here is the pinnacle of alloy bike technology - and mated with carbon forks, this frame feels fantastic.

Bergamont Grandurance 6 Gravel Bike

This Gravel Bike looks and performs brilliantly, the frame on this bike is one of the best looking gravel frames we have seen - and Shimano gearing and components mean this bikes performs.